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We were finally able to have a plumber come to our house today – we’ve had one┬átoilet out-of-commission for quite some time, but as we have two others, we’ve just locked that door and let it be. Since the settings in the floor were glued in and cracked, my husband decided it best to call a plumber b/c we don’t have the tools to fix such a problem.

I called a plumber who was highly recommended. He was kind and seemed to really know his stuff – answered questions and didn’t do anything unnecessary. In the course of conversation, he mentioned he is not married anymore to the mother of his two children, ages 17 and 19, who live with him … b/c their mom, who lives about ten minutes away, is not involved in their lives.

I didn’t ask anymore questions; he didn’t give anymore information. In my mind I thought, “Another family destroyed by a woman who left … wants to do her own thing … needs to find herself … or whatever she wants to call it.


6 thoughts on “Another One

  1. i think it is just sad case when spouse forget their marriage vows and leave. there would probably be just as many men who walked out on their wives. it is a cruel world out there.

  2. Sing – yes, and i am one of them. what is sad is that in the states, more women are leaving their husbands and kids to ‘find themselves,’ or whatever they want to call it. they are often encouraged by other women.

  3. i think sometimes, it could be an unrealistic expectations when people get married. and then they realise they didn’t bargain for it. for women, i think we were brought up to think once we find our knight in shining armour and with marriage, you live happily forever…which is a lie. and it does not help that the media perpetuate this idea in almost every story that makes us feel good, to escape the reality. just think it is a sad thing when people walk out of their marriage vows which is a covenant i.e. something that binds until death. wish more people will go into their marriage with both eyes open…and work out the differences when they are actually in it.

  4. Sing, i agree with you. and it is sooo sad. why, as humans, we would rather believe the lie than the truth? women ‘think’ with their feelings, so we must guard them so they don’t lead us astray.

  5. I hate the “Cinderella” scenarios to which so many people have aspired. I’ve always said that fairy tales are for fairies. Real life is for grownups.

    Marriage has its blissful moments. In between those, however, is real life. Husbands and wives will do things that irritate each other. Husbands won’t lead perfectly. Wives won’t submit perfectly. Accidents will happen. People will get clumsy. Proverbial balls will get dropped. Everyone has selfish moments. Everyone has careless moments.

    Making matters worse: discontentment comes naturally.

    And yes, Ame, thinking with the feelings is not high-percentage. This is where accountability within the Church can help. Exhortation from older couples who’ve been there/done that can go a long way.

  6. When I remarry, I’m going to make sure up front of some things… one of them is whether or not she has learned (at least significantly enough) “to be content in all things.” I.e. is she looking for marriage to take her away from ‘all this’ – whatever ‘this’ is.

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