Why I HATE the MSM, Reason #1,034,583


Note to the MSM….

You need to get your heads out of your asses and quit putting the HEROIC Japanese workers on the same moral plane as JIHADI THUGS. The Japanese techies are HEROES in every sense of the word, and what they are doing is an act of SELF-SACRIFICE.

What they are doing is comparable to what Marine Cpl Jason Dunham and Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor did. They threw themselves on live grenades, saving the lives of their teammates. Dunham and Monsoor were awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

What they are doing is comparable to what Delta Force snipers Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon did. They inserted themselves in a firefight–going against the recommendations of their commanders, and knowing they had almost no chance of surviving–to save a downed aircrew from certain death. CWO Michael Durant ended up surviving. Shughart and Gordon were awarded the Medal of Honor, potshumously.

Neither Dunham nor Monsoor nor Shughart nor Gordon were death-worshippers who saw death as the greatest honor. They did not glorify suicide; they embodied the value of self-sacrifice that made them exemplary Marines (in Dunham’s case), SEALs (in Monsoor’s case), and Rangers (in Shughart and Gordon’s cases). They accepted death so their teammates could live. They voluntarily took one for the team.

The Japanese nuclear techies are heroes in every sense of the word. They have taken on a dangerous task–at great risk to themselves–on behalf of their compatriots who are already under severe duress from the quake and tsunami. If they succeed, this is Apollo 13 on steroids. They might even survive.

To put these workers in the same boat as Jihadi death-worshiping thugs is a FUCKING outrage.

3 thoughts on “Why I HATE the MSM, Reason #1,034,583

  1. With your reference to “jihadi” are you thinking of the connnection to Islamic suicide attacks rather than this? The latter seems to have a slightly different emphasis.

  2. Indeed, I really cannot see where you are getting this connection. The professor used the term “suicide mission”, but he clearly meant that in terms of danger, not any sort of religious fanaticism. This seems like an awfully big reach.

  3. @Dave
    I was thinking of both. It would not even be fair to compare them with the Kamikaze pilots of World War II. What they are doing is more comparable to the military heroes I mentioned. Why? If they are successful, they will save many lives, and deliver a badly-needed victory on many levels for Japan.

    You’re missing the point. Suicide is not honorable. Period. I don’t care if you put a religious tag on it or not. Taking one for the team is self-sacrifice; it is not “suicide”. Suicide is the deliberate taking of your own life. The Jihadis commit suicide in the hopes that they will also kill their enemies. That is a dishonorable waste of their lives by their leaders, who have brainwashed them into thinking that they are doing something worthwhile.

    (It is also a dishonorable waste by their parents, who often accept financial compensation from Jihadi financiers. It’s notable that much of the suicide bombings in Israel have dropped since we took out Saddam Hussein. He was financially supportive of the families of suicide bombers. The loss of that funding stream has upset that economic dynamic.)

    The techies in this case, are in neither category. In fact, they have a very reasonable chance of survival, although what they are doing is high-risk.

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