Feline Ops in the GWOT

Less-publicized in the undoing of Osama bin Laden is the work of elite felines in the most sensitive reconnaissance missions. (HT to Russ)

Even though they are very friendly to children, the cats in these units are the baddest of the badasses. I cannot confirm or deny whether felines had anything to do with the hit on Osama.

Well…I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…

5 thoughts on “Feline Ops in the GWOT

  1. Maybe……… But regardless, I think we can learn a valuble lesson from this tragedy:

    NEVER bring a knife to a catfight. 😛

  2. @Charles
    Recon tells me that poor kitteh–whose identity is classified–was captured and tortured by the Chinese, captured as the result of a freak accident.

    Recon was in on the daring rescue mission and personally snuffed every one of the Chicommies.

    Sadly, the poor lynx suffers from flashbacks. He came within minutes of being fileted alive.

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