Ame’s Confession, Part II

Samson is a very sweet cat. He really is. It’s difficult to look at this beautiful, white cat with pink ears and call him a “he,” but he is indeed a “he.”

He is becoming more friendly each evening. I let my niece take my girls over two nights ago, and last night I found he had not eaten his food, and he had barfed – not a ball of hair. Lovely cleaning up cat barf. At least the amount is small.

Tonight he was very cuddly and playful. Again, when I came back home I washed my arms and hands and changed clothes, but it was not enough. Then I got out the benedryl lotion.

I would really love to say I’m getting attached to this cat, but I am not. I keep looking into his eyes trying to find some affection in me for this creature, but it’s just not there. What is there is wanting my friends to come home to a happy cat.

I also look at him trying not to be ewwwed by his slithery-ness, but I cannot. I do not like the way cats slither. It’s ewwey. And creepy.

So, from now on, my Husband will be joining us on our little trips across the street each evening. He is neither allergic to cats nor ewwed by them. He actually likes the creatures. Now, I just need to switch Samson’s affection from me to my Husband. I’m sure that won’t be a problem; animals love my Man.

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