Fred lives!

There were rumors of my cousin’s demise, but Fred (a.k.a.”Verrazano”) is alive and well. He was doing surveillance for the next special mission. He was almost caught by the enemy, but his stealthy ways were why we chose this young chap for our surveillance team. The tiny kitteh has hopefully learned his lesson in Chinatown.

2 thoughts on “Fred lives!

  1. Very close one. Fred is not out of the woods on this one. He will have extensive rehab and he may have to be retired, in which case he will have his hands full as a playmate to some rowdy kids.

  2. I have problems with groundhogs in my back yard garden; I’ve killed three so far this year. In the last two years I’ve killed 11 of them; but they keep coming back. I didn’t have this problem when I had a cat. Time to get another one.

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