The Full Civics Literacy Exam

HT to Vox Day.

I have bragging rights: I beat Vox on this one, as I got a 100. (He got a 97.) OTOH, on one of the questions, I made a guess, so I can’t say it was due to any superior knowledge base on my part.

The funny thing about this:

Avg score for all Americans taking the exam: 49%
Avg score for college educators: 55%.

Ergo, student loans will give you only a very small marginal benefit in knowledge, but a mother of an assload of debt that will cling to you like flies on shit.

3 thoughts on “The Full Civics Literacy Exam

  1. 91% … but I’m Canadian. What are people learning these days?

    I’m not sure that I buy the general premise that college means you can answer any arbitrary question. In general you major in a particular area, and as you go further and further along you get more and more specialized.

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