I have had some site-related issues. I have apparently lost all comments–and posts–that have been made since Friday. Confirm if you can see this.

8 thoughts on “Testing

  1. I think I see is all, but then, I’m not sure about anything.

    and I can’t currently post at Boundless because my computer won’t let be log in, says in doesn’t recognize my email address.

    It’s on my end, and I don’t know how to fix it. Stupid computers.

  2. @farmer Tom
    Basically, there was a server upgrade on the provider end. DNS names were changed. I had some propagation issues. Some posts–and comments–got lost due to server resolution matters.

    For a while, I could see the posts on my Droid but not from my desktop or laptop. Now, the posts and comments were lost when the changes propagated.

  3. @charles
    That was happening in the aftermath of the server upgrades. I was–one minute–seeing everything and then, the next minute, everything disappeared. This was an on-off thing for a couple days.

    I contacted the provider and they told me I needed to change the name servers. Once I did that–and everything propagated–I lost all the recent comments and posts.

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