2 thoughts on “I’m Ahead of the Curve

  1. you know … as i think about this, i would have to consider myself either really lucky or really blessed.

    i married when i was barely 21, but b/c of all the abuse growing up, i wasn’t ready to have a baby. however, when i went in for my annual every year, i asked my gynocologist if there were any reason why i couldn’t wait another year. he would always tell me no, that i was healthy. he never once told me that my eggs and ovaries were getting old and that i should really consider my age. not once. and i really like the man, still.

    i was ready b4 my then husband, but he wasn’t ready till i was 31. It didn’t work right away, and i went thru infertility first. i’m one of the lucky ones and was able to have two babies, one at 33 and one at 35, totally by the grace of God. why He chose me to have babies and others could not/cannot, i cannot answer that question.

    i wonder if that man who was my gyno for all those 15 years has changed the advice he gives to young women.

  2. Just so you know. I sent a personal email to the editor at Boundless linking to this story.

    So they are aware of it. Which makes them even more accountable if they fail to tell their readers the truth.

    However, I have sent them links to other articles related to male/female relationships and they point blank told me they would not mention it because of the source, (UK Daily Mail) and the pictures that source has at its website.

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