Hookup Culture Suffers a Setback

Well, sort of.

Feminists have promoted this “you’ll screw more and enjoy it more” culture. The men have punched that ticket.

The women, in turn, are over a barrel. If they don’t put out, they are left on the sidelines. If they “put out”, not only does their marriageability suffer a hit; they are taking a grave risk as well.

That’s not to say that men don’t have risks in here too; they certainly do. At the same time, it is a heck of a lot easier–due to sheer anatomy–for women to get HIV/AIDS from men than the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Hookup Culture Suffers a Setback

  1. well … i don’t see why people should be shocked by this. it’s not like aids is a new thing and no one knows about it. it’s not like people don’t know how it’s transmitted. it’s not like they don’t know how std’s are transmitted. and then you meet someone over yahoo personals and jump in bed w/them w/out knowing them … and he’s the only one guilty? i guess ‘stupid’ can’t be convicted in court.

    if you’re out there in the hook up culture and having sex with people you’re not married to, you are exposing yourself to everything. you should assume you are going to be infected with everything under the sun everytime you have sex. you should assume the person you’re sleeping with is not being honest with you.

  2. @Ame
    Of course this should not be a shocker. In fact, it ought to be a “DUH!” moment. At the same time, younger people tend to have a sense of invincibility. HIV/AIDS is supposed to be something that “other people” get.

    At the same time, if you are engaging in high-risk behavior–intravenous drug use, sex with multiple partners, sex with someone who is having/has had sex with multiple partners, having homosexual relations–then your perceived “invincibility” is but a facade.

    Like you said, over here we HIGHLY RECOMMEND–for reasons of both safety and Biblical command–putting sex where it belongs: one man, one woman, as long as both shall live.

    Besides, here’s the best-kept secret: folks who do that tend to have more fulfilling sex lives.

  3. “At the same time, younger people tend to have a sense of invincibility.”

    which is where stupid parenting should be criminal … parents who don’t teach their kids these basic realities, facts, truths, are criminally hurting their children. do not put your daughters on birth control pills “just in case.” do teach your kids about sex and std’s and aids – but most importantly about the relationship and the intimacy and why God placed sex in marriage. explain it to them. do NOT be out screwing around yourself.

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