06/08/2006: Hasta la vista and yippie kiyay to that Islammunist jackal.

This calls for some really nice audio (from the original Terminator movie) to go with my favorite headline, from MSNBC:

This is also a nice pic, courtesy of Fox news:

I’m buying donuts for my folks at work this morning.

From my allies at Black Five:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is currently backstroking in The Lake of Fire. Good riddance, bitch! Few details at this point, I just caught it on a Fox News Alert at 0030 PST 8 June 2006. Wake up with a smile America, Zarqawi ate a 500lb bomb in Baquba yesterday and this is confirmed.

0049 General Casey is now confirming that Zarqawi is dead and identified by fingerprints and facial recognition. Ding Dong the witch is dead. HOOYAH!!!

Roger on the hooyah, Black Five!

Here, Michelle Malkin weighs in.

Kisses to Michelle!

Hoooah, Oooorah, and Hooooyah to the troops who kicked some ass!

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