The Biggest Loser is a Real Letdown

So far, season 13 of The Biggest Loser is well short of the hype of its mantra: “No Excuses”.

At this point, nearly every one of the contestants–except, save, a couple of the older fogeys–is but a scheming game-player who won’t act like a grownup.

The “red” team has been a colossal disappointment, as none of the folks have the balls to confront the catty, scheming antics of Conda. She’s been at her games ever since the start of the season–even once showing flagrant disrespect to Dolvett–and yet no one has stood up to her decisively and told her to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

In this past episode, the “aqua” team–Adrien and Daphne–earned their spots back on the ranch, as they were able to lose sufficient weight at home. Adrien was put on the “red” team whereas Daphne was put on the “black” team. They were given immunity for their week back–provided that they did not gain any weight–although their weight losses would count for their respective teams.

Conda and Kim were disdainful of Adrien and Daphne from the get-go. In their initial meeting, Adrien–when asked–said that, at home, he and Daphne trained for 14 hours per day, as he lost 34 pounds and she 26 pounds in their month at home.

Immediately, that set off BS indicators, as well it should have. (Aspiring Navy SEALS in BUD/S might train that long, but they are in tip-top shape going into the training. Adrien was clearly exaggerating.)

At the same time, the team response was totally inappropriate. Conda and Kim went off about the perceived arrogance that the claim showed; at the same time, they should have been helpful and said, “That much work doesn’t jibe with the weight you lost. That’s indicative of a problem with food discipline, and that will be an issue here. You’re going to need to work on that or you won’t be able to lose your weight.”

Daphne did not help her cause, as she was often skipping the “homework”.

To his credit, Adrien was an otherwise hard worker. He was able to keep up with the rest of the team, and seemed to be putting in his due efforts. Unfortunately, the lack of food discipline killed him: he only lost 2 pounds, and that did not help the rest of the team.

While the team was understandably disappointed in Adrien’s performance, they overlooked a larger issue”: Conda had also lost only 2 pounds. This is worse, because Conda has been there longer, and was expected to have the discipline instilled from 5 weeks on the ranch. Instead, Mark, Kim, and Conda tore into Adrien, even as the rest of them voted Nancy off.

What’s bothersome is that, while Adrien was a little “loud”, there was no effort to reach out to him. Instead, the rest of the team effectively said, “Screw you…we don’t want you here.” And yet, not one of that team had the balls to stand up and tell Conda to STHU and knock it off with the corrosive BS.

The “black” team isn’t much better. While they have a few hard workers, they also have a lot of petty game-players as well. Some of that is due to immaturity; some of that is due to lack of testicular fortitude.

A group of wussy Southern Baptist preachers would have more balls than this group has.

This brings me to the two people who need to be called out: Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, two trainers who are otherwise very solid. That they have not addressed this with the trainees is quite the oversight on their part. If they don’t confront this soon, this season will be a disaster, and they will have only themselves to blame.

3 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser is a Real Letdown

  1. If it were just a program about losing weight, no one would watch it. Eating less is boring. They have to add in the human drama, angst and confrontation to get ratings. I think they either pre-select a bitch each show, or just assign the role to someone as a condition of employment. Remember that the fodder of all reality shows is a hoard of people looking to make their break into showbusiness. They will take on any role no matter how demeaning, to get noticed.

  2. @Professor Hale
    I realize that. And everyone who is at that level of obesity–and they clearly screen out people who are obese for other than food and exercise issues–has lots of personal conflicts that must be dealt with.

    Still, it just seems that this season has more proverbial losers than weight losers. Usually, each season, you get a fair number of folks who decide to get their crap together, deal with their baggage, and turn their lives around.

    (Last season, for example, it seemed that half the team was very determined. The season before that was also very competitive.)

    This time, with few exceptions, this motley crew doesn’t seem to have anyone who seriously is pissed off at what they’ve become, and has provided a level of performance that sends the message, “I ain’t [bleeping] going there again!”

    In fact, so far, one contestant has quit. This is notable because, although one other person had walked off–Olympic medalist Rulon Gardner two seasons ago–he had done so AFTER reaching his weight-loss goal.

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