The Difference Between Me

and someone who is really, really, really angry at the way society pedestals women? Here it is, courtesy of Roissy.

Disclosure: this is not an endorsement of Roissy’s views. He is on the secular end, and quite hedonist. There is much with which to take issue–although I absolutely agree with his assessment of Marriage 2.0–but that isn’t the objective here.

I mention this to point out that–where I’ll rip feminists a new one, I’m quite generous next to some of my secular counterparts.

I disagree with Roissy in this respect: if you’re going to have sex, you accept the consequences. You can talk all day about “bastard spawn” (Roissy’s term, not mine), but that is one of the risks a man takes when he has sex outside of marriage.

If you get a girl pregnant, then it’s on you to get a rectal craniectomy and man up. This is not contingent on her doing the right thing, because it’s not about her but rather about the child.

I see his point in this, though: these women aren’t angels either. Unless they were raped, they had sex of their own free choice. That their sires have split town is as much a reflection of their own bad choices as it is on the men with whom they lay.

In summation, plenty of blame to go around here.

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