2 thoughts on “Oppose Bullying…Oppose Christianity!

  1. Sad but not surprising. Anti-Christian bigotry and intolerance has become a staple of the modern gay rights movement. A small local weekly publishes a column by gay activist Wayne Besen, who regularly mocks and ridicules Christians and decries their beliefs as hateful.

    How ironic it is that an alleged “anti-bullying” activist engaged in bullying behavior. However, don’t look for this irony to be noted by the so-called “mainstream media.”

  2. It’s also anti-straight bigotry as well from Savage. He’s on record, for example, suggesting that straight couples should have more “open” relationships like gay men do in order to be “happier”. We can expect much more of this talk in the years ahead — i..e, now that gay people can marry, they can also lecture straight people about how marriage is supposed to work — i.e., make it “gayer”.

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