They Were Just Post-Natal Abortions

Not sure why this is such a big deal.

Her only legal mistake here was waiting too long to kill her children.

5 thoughts on “They Were Just Post-Natal Abortions

  1. Why does the link show when the story is loaded, but not when it’s viewed on the main page?

    She did kill herself though, so this would seem more akin to committing suicide while pregnant.

    • That is a quirk with this particular WP theme. I’m experimenting with different options. I’d go in and fix it for this theme, but it will be a while because I’m swamped at the office.

  2. i’m always amazed at how much we value live outside the womb – so disproportionate to how we devalue it inside the womb. it never ceases to strike me the difference between the two.

    • Yeah, but there is an erosion of sorts in the way society views life outside the womb. That will come to a head when social insurance programs like Social[ist] [In]Security and Medi[s]care start imploding.

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