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  1. wow. you’re absolutely right. and she hurts those who really are raped – rightly so, now everyone will be questioned. and they should pay back all that money with interest.

  2. This reminds me of the story of Cathleen Crowell Webb, who admitted in 1985 that she fabricated a story about being raped when she was 16. Gary Dotson, the man wrongfully convicted, was initially unable to convince prosecutors or the governor of Illinois of his innocence despite Webb’s recantation. He was finally cleared in 1989 following a DNA test proving his innocence.


    Obviously our society hasn’t leaned much in the intervening years.

    • I do recall that case, and this is why rape is very difficult to prosecute.

      Fact is, a heck of a lot of women lie about having been raped. And most cases of rape are a matter of his word versus hers. If there is no evidence of force, then who do you believe?

      The feminist wants us to come down on the side of the accuser notwithstanding (in some cases in spite of) the presence of clear exculpatory evidence.

      Unfortunately for them, there’s this thing called “reasonable doubt”.

      And cases like these, hopefully, will give us some pause about the way we address sexual assault accusations.

      Does this mean that guilty people will end up going free? Yes.

      It will also mean that fewer innocent people will have their lives destroyed.

      As for Wanetta Gibson, I hope she gets forced to pay back the money–with interest–that she received as a result of her false accusation.

      It would also be nice–although it won’t happen–if she was forced to register as a sex offender.

  3. In the post-Sexual-Revolution world, there CAN’T be regular justice in this kind of thing. To be honest, I’m surprised the average sensual American male doesn’t go completely celebate…………

    • Vox Day would agree with you. His position is that, as advancements are made in sexual automation (robots), there will be marginal incentive for many men to eschew sexual relations altogether.

      Personally, I’m not sure how much traction the robosexual revolution will have.

      Sure, you can pay for a robogirl, and that robogirl will be yours as long as you want. “She” will never divorce you; “she” will never sue you; “she” will never accuse you of rape; she will never ‘shit test’ you (unless that gets programmed into it).

      Still, no matter how “good” the robogirls are, there’s no substitute for being able to date, court, marry, and enjoy the same woman.

      Like that song goes: “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing..”

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