Scientist Predicts Evolution Debate Will Soon Be History

Richard Leakey, who is clearly oblivious to the fact that macro-evolution is no closer to being open and shut than it was in Darwin’s time, boldly predicts a great acceleration in discoveries that have proven elusive to date.

So let’s see…the High Church Atheists–Dawkins, Dennett, the late Hitchens, Harris, PZ Myers–have whined and wailed about the greatness of evolution, insisting that there is plenty of proof, without offering any.

Now Leakey has entered the fray, insisting that discoveries will accelerate to the point that the evolution debate will be open and shut, in favor–of course–of the evolutionists.

This in spite of the fact that these “discoveries” have been quite scarce for 150+ years post Darwin.

I’ll grant Leakey this much: while I have my doubts here, it is quite possible that the debate may go away in a few decades, although the nature of that outcome may very well be at variance with what he hopes.

One thought on “Scientist Predicts Evolution Debate Will Soon Be History

  1. Yeah, right. They assured me also that Assyria was a myth thought up to frighten children at night too……. :>P

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