You Get The Government You Want

Of course, to say that unions have quite the stranglehold in Michigan would be a gross understatement.

Still, if you think it is ok that the union extorts $778 out of your hide every year–demanding your credit card information for automatic payment–just so you can keep your job, then you have worse things wrong with you than your support of unions.

Yes, I am a State employee in Kentucky. I am “non-merit”. I belong to no union. I am not part of a public pension system. I can be fired for any–or no–reason.

I’m ok with that. It’s about free markets.

One thought on “You Get The Government You Want

  1. reminds me of the frog that dies in boiling water b/c the water warmed slowly. it’s like they don’t get it, or they don’t understand it, or they don’t know any better, or what they’ve been doing hasn’t hurt them too much – so why not.

    or perhaps i’m naive … thinking that if people understood, they would make wiser choices. or maybe i’m just hopeful, or a wishful thinker. reading thru the old testament is a slap of the stark reality of how great and merciful and full of grace our God truly is to put up with the extremes of mankind throughout time.

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