Proof That Society is Hosed

A little-leaguer was helping a pitcher warm up in a bullpen. He misfired on a return throw, and the ball struck a woman in the face, causing multiple fractures.

He is now being sued for $500K.

She is claiming that he intentionally hit her.

Cubbie can correct me on this, but I think she’s going to have one heck of a hard time proving this in court.

At any rate, this kind of legal crap is going to destroy our society.

When a person can’t do something as simple as participate in a youth sporting event without the prospect of getting nailed with a 6-figure lawsuit if the slightest thing goes on, then what is the incentive to work hard and take risks, the very type of activity that we NEED for real economic growth?

3 thoughts on “Proof That Society is Hosed

  1. I’ve been taking martial arts classes lately, and have considered the possibility that I might injure someone, or be injured, myself. While I’ve signed a release – and mean what I signed — I consider that there might be others who do not mean what they’ve signed. As well I consider that is not unfeasible that we will start to see ballroom that study disciplined dance forms will have to start having people sign disclaimers. He held my hand while dancing with me! and such nonsense.

  2. I’m not sure that I completely disagree with the idea of some compensation being provided in this instance – it’s just a question of for-what and who-covers-it. (Standard legal practice if you wind up at fault in a car crash and your wife were to be injured – at least where I live – would be for your wife to sue you, with you being represented by your insurance company. Sounds a bit weird, but that’s basiclaly the way the paperwork seems to get processed)

    Here some of the charges seem over the top, but others would probably be covered by either the little league’s insurance or by homeowners’ insurance as the article notes. e.g. my tenancy insurance provides $1 million of personal injury liability coverage. And I don’t even live in a country that seems as prone to excessive lawsuits as the US…

    • That’s the thing…she’s going after the kid, and she is claiming that she was hit intentionally.

      Now, don’t get me wrong here. If this was an intentional act, then I say by all means go after the guy.

      At the same time, nothing is indicative in the account that there was any malice involved.

      Unless you can prove malice by the kid, then it ought to be covered by the league’s insurance.

      Surely to goodness they insured against that kind of risk, as accidents do happen…

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