6 thoughts on “Apologies to Vox Day

  1. and … no one thought to call mom or dad to let them know their kids weren’t doing well??? or to have the kids brought inside???

    it’s amazing the amount of idiocy in public schools.

    • Ame…how dare you pass judgement on professional educators! You are not certified, and therefore not competent to tell them how to educate children.

      You’d best leave the professionals alone to do their work, and be like the other good sheep and mind your own business.

      Seriously….this has GOT to be a major WTF moment…whoever banned sunscreen should not be permitted to be within a mile of a child in any official capacity.

      • ahhh … you love to be on my lists of people! i’ll just add you to the list of people who do not think i’m capable of making qualified and educated and intelligent decisions about my children within the public school system!

        i tell them up front … i’m an “in-your-face-mom” and i do not apologize. *I* am my daughter’s advocate; they advocate for themselves and their system.

        i will not relinquish my responsibility as her parent and advocate to the bull sh** philosophy “You are not certified, and therefore not competent to tell them how to educate children.”

      • on the sunscreen note – i do acknowledge that there are some children who are allergic to some ingredients in some and/or all sunscreens (my girls were allergic to all sunscreens and all lotions until they were well into their grade school years, and they still have many skin allergies). however, their parents are usually aware, and even if the child has a first time reaction at school, there is a school nurse who is supposed to be qualified to handle such situations.

        i say ‘supposed’ because when my Oldest had an anaphylactic reaction to a fire ant bite on field day in kindergarten, the nurse called me to tell me she was having a reaction to an ant bite. i picked up her prescription cream and within three minutes was at the school. i walked into the nurse’s office and darted straight for her feet (logical) but did not see a bite, so i turned to her face. her eyes were rolled back in her head, her ears and lips were bubbled, she was ‘rag doll’ unresponsive. and the nurse was freaking out! so i called the pediatrician b/c their office was across the street from the hospital … they had epinephrine … we gave her an adult benedryl and forced her jaws to chew it … i picked her up and ran to my minivan with my youngest and the nurse in tow … the nurse had a school epi pen which she held in one hand and kept her stethescope on my daughter with her other hand, and i raced the few minutes to the dr’s office. 3 nurses could not get her blood pressure, but i knew she was breathing b/c i was holding her. finally her blood pressure came up, and after a couple of hours she was stable. she was sick for a week. she carried an epi pen on her person for years on the fields at school after that (till it was embarrassing, and by then she had grown and benedry was enough).

        therefore, i ‘interview’ school nurses now and make sure they are not only capable of calling 911, but that they are willing and know their limits.

        even if you do not homeschool, you still must be diligent in educating AND caring for the well being and health of your children.

    • it’s amazing the amount of idiocy in public schools

      That’s a significant understatement. I’ve lost count of how many such examples I’ve read about recently, even in liberal publications like the Washington Compost Heap (aka the Post).

      • Yep…there was probably a time when you could trust public schools to (a) provide a quality education and (b) partner with–not work around–parents with respect to the welfare of their children.

        When I was in high school (1981-1985), that paradigm was still in play, although it was trending down.

        Today, that paradigm no longer exists. Even where there ARE good people in the system, they are overshadowed by wonkish, condescending pricks who don’t have an intelligent bone in their bodies.

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