Another Pastor With Zipper Issues

Jack Schaap–pastor of FBC Hammond, IN–was fired after admitting to an affair with a 16-year-old girl.

Being a megachurch pastor, he probably qualifies as an Alpha, and power does tend to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

But still…he is married, and has almost 40 years on the girl with whom he was fornicating.

Oh, and he has written books on dating

12 thoughts on “Another Pastor With Zipper Issues

      • in my sexual abuse recovery group, the stats shared there were that if a dad abused his own child, he has likely had an average of 71 previous child victims first.

        and as my therapist said time and again as we dealt w/ ex’s sex addiction … what you know is only the tip of the iceberg. so.very.scary.

        unfortunately, this is age-old stuff. there were senior adults in my group sharing experiences of when they were young children.

  1. I saw this story over at The Wartburg Watch yesterday. How sad and disturbing, but give the church credit for not sweeping this scandal under the rug.

    • i was thinking the same thing … hopefully, the sting to penn state will be bad enough that future experiences will cause people to go straight to the top at the FIRST knowledge of such behavior.

      • There have been plenty of churches which haven’t handled such scandals well, and I’m not just speaking of the Catholic Church.

        Last year one of the local papers featured a front-page story about a local evangelical church which mishandled such a situation. Some years earlier a youth pastor took liberties with a number of teenage girls in the youth group. One of the girls finally told somebody in authority and the youth pastor lost his job, pled guilty to a misdemeanor and left the area. Then the church swept it under the rug.

        A few years later several of the victims, now young women, came forward and complained to the church’s governing body about how the matter had been handled. This time the church dealt with the situation differently and more openly. The senior pastor publicly apologized to the victims and the church. Somehow he kept his job, but the top lay administrator did not. The church also made some policy changes and instituted training for those working with children and teens.

      • There are three methods of Biblical assessment:

        exegesis: drawing the meaning out of the Scripture text. This the right way.

        eisegesis: reading meaning into the Scripture text. This is not the preferable means, although even the best folks slip up here.

        assegesis: pulling interpretations out of your…

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