When Government Fails…

I wonder when Texans are going to start doing this with respect to illegal immigrants.

3 thoughts on “When Government Fails…

  1. they won’t. texas makes too much money off of them b/c they are much cheaper labor. the only reason texas might stand up is if the drug wars cross our boarders to a level that out-weighs the benefit of having the illegal’s here.

    in texas, every form we fill out asks if one is spanish-speaking. there are many cities where one must be bilingual in order to get a job, and many jobs in every part of the state where one must be bilingual as a qualification for the job.

    latin families stick together and grow. they generally take care of their own. they create their own communities.

    • There are two wildcards in this:

      (1) the “war on drugs”;

      (2) health care expenses.

      Eventually, the cartel wars will cross the border. And as health care expenses continue to spike, people are going to get sick and tired of paying for free health care for illegals.

      • i hope so. thing is … now there are so many who are legals who have family in mexico who they visit frequently – they now make up a huge voting base, and they will vote.

        i think there’s a similar thing in the drug wars everywhere – no one wants them, but when some momma’s boy gets ‘accidentally’ killed b/c he was in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, then she’s gonna whine for media attention.

        there’s got to be a place where people are willing to stand the line … regardless of who is on the other side. that means fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, cousins, etc. like the civil war, it will split families. how bad does it have to get before families are willing to be split?

        and you’re right about the health care expenses – illegals have the system wired – they’ve got it all figured out, and they use and abuse it continuously. when it doesn’t work in their favor, they whine and get the attention of mexicans who are in our legal system and gov’t.

        i don’t know where that cost-line exists, but it’s out there somewhere. it’s gonna be the line from hell when they finally face it.

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