Slam the Door in Her Face Next Time

TFR, writing to Dr. Helen, notes the following:

I work for a small software company in Austin, Texas. I am 58. We have a young intern, perhaps 25, from Germany. I was introduced to her once two weeks ago, but we have not worked together and so I have not really spoken with her since.

This morning we happened to be on the elevator together as we arrived at work. When arrived at our floor, I pushed the button to hold the elevator doors open as she walked out. She walked to the card reader that unlocks the entrance and swiped her card. I opened the door when I heard it unlock and held it for her as she stepped through. She actually laughed at me. And not in a good way. I had plenty to do and she is the darling of the CEO who is a woman, so I just got some coffee, went to my desk, and started my work. Elsewhere, I would have said something.

The funny thing is that because of incidents similar to this and worse, I’ve sworn off opening doors for unencumbered, able-bodied women that I don’t know. (I open doors for encumbered or infirm people regardless of gender or acquaintance or if it just makes physical sense.) In this case, I opened her door a) because she is a co-worker, and b) because she went to the card reader first and it would have been rude to just stand there.

On one hand, I want to ask all members of the XX crowd to get together and jot a note or two to tell the XY crowd how these things should work. Really, it can’t be that hard…..

Once, I had a gal who tried that feminist line of crap when I held the door for her. I told her to save her lecture for someone who gives a crap.

The only way to defeat feminism is to stop tolerating it.

5 thoughts on “Slam the Door in Her Face Next Time

  1. i just don’t see any reason for someone to be intentionally rude. i’m sure there have been times my brain is wrapped up in my kids or whatever’s going on, and i am unintentionally rude, but if i catch it, i always apologize. and whoever opens the door for me always gets a huge thank you. i especially love it when little boys hold the door open for me b/c i will thank them with something like, “Thank you, Sir, you are a wonderful Gentleman.” the little boy will beam! so sweet!

    i don’t understand women with a burr up their butt over anyone helping them or simply being kind. they really need to get over themselves.

    it’s a different thing all together when one’s bs/safety radar goes off the chart – protecting oneself and children is first and foremost. and we certainly need to be careful. once when my girls were still small enough to sit in the grocery cart, i had stepped about five steps away to pick something off the shelf. this older couple came up and started talking to them, and when i saw the man, my whole body went into full alert and we got the heck outa there. they seemed to follow us around the store and i went on total offensive and protected my babies and myself. that’s necessary and prudent.

    but being rude b/c the person being kind is male? get a grip.

  2. It is stories like this that convince me I made the right decision to pick a career in agriculture.

    If a female hog (an old sow) starts acting up, I take a stick and hit her over the head.

    Which is exactly what that women needed.

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