6 thoughts on “The National Weather Service: Run By the Weather Underground

    • Yeah, but if I want to protect those types of assets with armed security, I’d probably want more than a handgun caliber. (DHS just purchased a buttload of those–over a billion rounds combined. You’d think they were beefing up for the impending zombie apocalypse.)

      The .223 caliber–used in AR-15s and the military variants–runs for about the same price, and does the job better.

      • Here‘s the clarification – the order is destined for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement .

        (I’d guess security would typically mix in multiple layers, including small arms and stuff with larger firepower).

        • That makes better sense. If these guys were standard law-enforcement–and most federal agencies have a contingent of those***–then that purchase would make sense.

          ***That is an issue all its own, but–on a practical level–it is justifiable for some agencies.

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