Either You Support Abortion,

or you support beheading women for refusing to become prostitutes, according to Suzanne Nossel of Amnesty International.

While the story is reprehensible, Nossel’s take is insidious in its own right:

In a statement, Nossel said women and girls in the region “are raped, killed, forced into marriage in childhood, prevented from obtaining an education and denied their sexual and reproductive rights. Until basic human rights are guaranteed … these horrible abuses will continue to be committed.”

So unless we let women kill babies, women will be subject to honor killings, forced marriage, forced prostitution, and murder for refusing any of the above.

One thought on “Either You Support Abortion,

  1. stories like this … they’re terrifying, shocking. i wonder how God is able to look upon humanity and not blow us all up. and i read the bible, and it’s not any better there. the depravity of men and women from the beginning of time … and yet, God still chooses to let humanity reproduce and continue … wooing us unto Him … longing for us to choose Him. even knowing wide is the gate that leads to hell, and narrow the road to heaven b/c so few will choose Him, He still holds out. even when we’re failing, sinning, believers in Him, He still chooses to love us … knowing we cannot be perfect … so He chooses to come into us, into our imperfection, and make us holy. blows.me.away. the magnificant, infinite love of God. how horrible hell is and will be for those who do not choose Him … for they will then know of His infinite love, but it will be too late.

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