I read through a post a man wrote on single mom’s today which beat down on women… and glanced through some of the many comments – the ones I read followed suit. Neither the post nor the comments are important … except to make this point: What I like about Amir is that he keeps it balanced and straight. Are men being attacked in our society? Absolutely. But does that mean the depravity of (wo)man is limited to females? Absolutely not.

I totally get trends and groups and generations … I totally do not get lumping EVERYone into the pit of despair and doom and gloom of condemnation.

Men don’t like it when women beat them down … and we women don’t like it when men beat us down, either.

I was a single mom for four, long, hard, tragic, years. I never ever ever want to go through that again. There were many things in this post that the author got right … but the slant he took made him no better than the women who dis men.

Do I know slutty women? Yes. Do I know women who have ripped men? Yes. But I know men who have been equally as depraved toward women. Simply being a man or a woman does not make you better or worse than the other.

As Amir and Mrs. L could attest, if i could share my whole story publicly, I should be one of those women beating the lights outa men. But just because my dad and my ex are the way they are does not mean all men are that way, too. Sure, they’re not the only ones, but they’re only a portion of the population of men. There are lots of good men out there … and there are lots of good women out there. Do we live in a culture where we have to be extra discerning? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean all men or all women are bad.


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Simply being a man or a woman does not make you better or worse than the other.

    Amen! It’s too bad that some Christians don’t recognize this.

  2. I’ve noticed this, too. EW is another good place I find some balanced perspective. I frequent there more because I’m probably more theologically aligned with EW than Amir.

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