Money; It’s All About God, Really

Money is as controversial a topic as just about anything else out there. There are tons of money-management courses to choose from, and tons of opinions on how one should/must manage their money and how one should/must spend or not spend their money.

I used to be very self-conscious about having enough, and very self-dependent. Then, many different things over time, and I was in a place where all I had was gone, and I had nothing. All the parts of the Bible where God tells us to depend upon Him took on new meaning.

It is not wrong to have enough, to have more than we need, or even to have excess. But it is also not wrong to have nothing and to be wholly dependent upon God. God gives to whom He gives. Period. And we are to be content with that.

The reality is … it is God, alone, who is our Provider. And since God is our Provider, God gets to choose how and when He provides for us. Humility is required for this way of life. We cannot point to ourselves and take credit; we must give it to God.

When I begin to worry, I am reminded of Matthew 6 where God tells us not to worry … to look at the little birds, to look at the wildflowers, and to know, God loves me just as much and will take care of me, too. When I think I should save and have more and be more prepared, God reminds me of Exodus 16 and that He provides for my daily needs … sweet, honey wafer manna, and meat … and just enough for today.

All through the Bible God proves His Provision to His people. They doubt, whine, but God still provides. God has miraculously provided for us in so many ways, and His ways are always so incredibly creative and imaginative. Money, food, a new-to-us-laptop, new-to-us-furniture, clothes, help, and the list goes on. Might God give us more money someday, so we can save and prepare on our own? Perhaps … in the meantime, we know, my girls know … it is God, alone, who is our Provider.

5 thoughts on “Money; It’s All About God, Really

  1. thats a good attitude

    “give us this day our daily bread” didnt translate properly, it means more like “we dont look past tomorrow for provision b/c we trust You”

    poverty, esp in these days, is a hidden blessing, but it aint easy, so to endure it as a humble offering to God is best

    in revelation the main sin of the final babylonic empire (ours) is iniquity/greed

    those who do well with small things and humble circumstances here are estated later

    • thanks, Ray. that’s powerful.

      i’ve learned, experienced, some things over these years of living believing God will provide whether i could see it or not. those with little will give what they have and help each other. times will get bad, but when we have nothing, we have nothing to loose, so we give what we have. there will be some who have who will give it all, but most will hold it tight. people who have a lot believe they have it b/c they earned it, and therefore no one else has a right to it. they rarely see that even their ability to earn it, even their ability to invest and have it grow, is all b/c God gave them the ability to do so.

      i’ve learned not simply to give, i have also learned to receive, and that is a very hard lesson b/c it forced me to accept that no matter what or who i was or was able to do, it was still all b/c of God and nothing b/c of me. my intelligence, my skills, my gifts, my talents, my abilities, my health, my common sense – it’s all from God. i cannot take credit. when i learned to receive, i learned that all i have is from God … and i am to receive His provision for me in the ways He provides. don’t know if this makes any sense.

      my kids are teenagers, and they are grateful for the smallest things. they are grateful for clothes, even if someone else once owned them. they are grateful for food, even if it’s not exactly what they wanted to eat. they are grateful for enough gas to get to where we need to go today. they are grateful i’m home with them and not working outside of the home, even though we’d have more money if i did/could (can’t and take care of my sped kid).

      there is another very powerful lesson God has taught me that has transformed me, and my family. I Samuel 12:12 says,“But when you were afraid of Nahash, the king of Ammon, you came to me and said that you wanted a king to reign over you, even though the Lord your God was already your king.”

      God did not want His people to have a tangible, human king because He was already their king, but they whined for so long He finally gave them what they asked for. in this verse, it’s as though God is lamenting. He’s saying, “I was enough, but you didn’t want Me. I was already all you needed, but you didn’t want Me. you wanted what you could tangibly see and feel and experience. I was enough, but since you could not tangibly see and feel and experience me the way you wanted, I was not enough for you.”

      God is already what we need … will I choose to let Him be what we need and to provide as He chooses? or will i want what others have … huge savings accounts, tangible back-up plans, provisions in other ways (none of which are bad, and having them does not mean one does not trust God … this is just where we are and have been). when my husband and i lament over not having what we wish we had, we bring each other back to this truth … God is enough, as He is. do we want God as our savings account and future back-up plan, God who owns everything and has no limits? or do we want a tangible savings account that has limits? (again, these are not bad or wrong; this is simply what God is teaching us).

      we’re learning to trust in God, in who He is, and not in what we can see. we’re learning that God is who we want to choose and not to become anxious when we do not have what many well-meaning people in the world, including christians, say we should have. we do what we can do with what God gives us, today, and we choose to help each other focus on that. i’m not saying we have this down … we’re works in progress. but it has been an amazing journey. God is good; so very good. we are abundantly blessed.

  2. i’m pleased to hear all these things, particularly your admission that (like myself) all our “talents” are really gifts given by Father, and of no credit to ourselves, except that we attempt to use those gifts to his glory

    we’re learning again together truly to trust God, here in satan’s world where we’re constantly told we must accrue materiality and wealth to be safe, happy, secure, and “responsible providers”

    this is an especially difficult temptation for females to recognize, and break away from

    in this we are the same — trying to perfect trust in God, to let go completely of attempting to control my life by external, non-Godly, worldly methods

    keep up the good works, the King is very near

  3. Yeah I’ve been waiting on God for years, when does it end? Just seems sometimes like waiting on God is a way of keeping your spirits up. I was conned out of thousands upon thousands of dollars by a christian man. I also need a surgery. I also am dependent on my girlfriend financially who I don’t even want to be with. So God on owns a cattle on a thousand hills, why not lift a finger and why wait. I’ve been through this more than once, I don’t think it’s a faith thing. I keep waiting, and keep seeing other taken care of, what the heck

    • allen – you write honestly and so i will answer as honestly as possible. i’ll say to you what i tell myself and my kids all the time: life is not fair, just, or equal, and the bible never says it will be. also, often life really does suck. without going into detail, my family and i are going through some extremely difficult things, so i totally know, and personally experience, life not being fair or just or equal on deeply painful levels. i know that probably doesn’t help much, but it’s true. when my girls start complaining, i tell them to add it to the list [of things not fair, just, or equal], they began to anticipate me and would add to their (sincere) complaint, “and I don’t want to add it to the list!” i totally get that, too. my list is long. i try not to think about it too much.

      the only advice i will give you, and it will seem overly simplistic, but it’s as sound as i have … read your bible everyday. start at the beginning, and read as many chapters as you can everyday. when you read a verse or passage that strikes you, write it down in a journal.

      this will do many things. first, it will pour God’s word directly into your heart and mind and soul and being. the bible says God’s Word will not return void, that it is powerful. if God is who He says He is, and we can ingest Him into our lives simply by reading the bible, then we really need to do that. we cheat ourselves on the power of Almighty God being poured into us when we do not read the bible.

      you will get to know who God is and who God is not – both equally important.

      you will have the knowledge to choose for or against God because you will know Who you are choosing for or against.

      by recording verses and passages that stand out, you can re-read them and see a pattern of what God is speaking to you.

      there are many out there who will give you advice … a book to read … their own story. but the bottom line is God wants a personal, DIRECT, relationship, individually with you. to have a relationship with God, you need to get to know Him. spend the time … it doesn’t have to be much, but everyday is very important. when i’m going thru extremly challenging times, i make sure i read my bible every night before i go to bed. my mind and emotions and feelings waver and become easily shaken. God’s Word is solid, firm. i need it often just to survive, just to breathe.

      as far as another christian taking advantage of you … been there, done that, have many scars to prove it … but it still doesn’t make it any easier. unfortunately, there are dishonest christians. to that i would say … 1. learn from the experience, and 2. ask God to enable you to forgive this person(s). forgiveness for serious stuff is hard and takes time. IF you want a book on forgiveness, Forgiving the Unforgivable by Dr David Stoop is the one i always recommend. i read it when i was working thru the sexual abuse from my dad. but read your bible first. always read your bible first; books second. and always set the standard for truth of what you read up against the bible.

      may God lead you on a journey to peace, which is only found in Him.

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