Charlie Brown Does It Again

House Republicans (Charlie Brown) have re-elected Boehner (Lucy) as their Speaker.

He’ll be holding the football for them.

That will end really well…

5 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Does It Again

  1. It surprises me how many Tea Party sympathizers still don’t see how Boehner is part of the problem.

    I stopped listening as much to Talk Radio because I’m realizing that a bunch of them, while many conservatives rely on them for conservative commentary, still manage to scratch the backs of the Right’s Left, not ever acknowledging that those people are the reasons why they are so fed up with the GOP.

    • This is what happens when people consent to the lesser of two evils every election season. And I’m not simply talking about the Presidential election.

      Oh no…this is about Congressional elections. Every season, the incumbent congressman–and Senator if his 6 years is up–sings a nice song about what he supports.

      He may SAY he is for smaller government, but, with few exceptions, they all vote for larger government.

      They all vote to expand government power.

      They all vote to expand entitlements and unemployment benefits.

      They don’t even tell the truth about the numbers, but it doesn’t matter because very few people are paying attention.

      Think of the Senate vote for the “fiscal cliff deal”. Only 8 Senators voted against it.

      Think of the House vote for it. Remember that it was Boehner who supported the deal, which has 41 tax hikes for every spending cut, and which has only $15 billion in spending cuts but $4 trillion in debt expansion.

      Think of the fact that, while more Republicans opposed than supported it, a hell of a lot of Republicans voted FOR it.

      Those same Republicans–like Boehner–will sing a nice song for their Constituents in two years.

      And, with few exceptions, those same constituents will be just like Charlie Brown and vote to re-elect Lucy to hold the ball for them.

      Until THAT changes, this crap will continue.

  2. Had John Boehner failed to win another term as speaker, the next choice would likely have been Eric Cantor. I seriously doubt he would have been any better.

    I believe there are plenty of Tea Party sympathizers who see Boehner as part of the problem, but the Tea Party is still reeling from the damage left by the self-inflicted wounds of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock’s respective gaffes. Unfortunately, the so-called “mainstream media” used those gaffes to effectively paint the entire Tea Party movement with the “extremist” brush. It remains to be seen if the Tea Party movement can successfully regroup.

  3. Here’s the problem, though. If the budget situation is that bad–and according to Moody’s and S&P, it is–then you owe it to your country to treat this like the Alamo and go in with your A-game.

    That means DEMANDING a minimum of $500 billion in IMMEDIATE cuts and laying down a 3-year plan to balance the budget. That should have been the if-you-don’t-like-it-you-can-drop-dead-for-allI-care starting point.

    The end-result would have been short of that, but you would probably have had at least a parity between tax hikes and spnding cuts.

    • Good point, but I don’t think the current GOP leadership gets it, or even cares. It may take another rebellion within the GOP House caucus to get real spending cuts on the table.

      OT but still in the category of “can’t fix stupid:” I came across the following post on women’s ordination in the Catholic Church this morning. (HT: Midwest Conservative Journal)

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