5 thoughts on “Russell Moore Nailed It

  1. he articulated well what i’ve been thinking and have yet the time to try to put into words. i’ve also wondered about all the babies aborted on that same day … same evil, same destruction, no notice. babies and children represent the best in us … and even the most evil know it.

  2. I get annoyed more than I used to by people talking about spiritual warfare and unseen enemies. I have seen a lot of evil in this world. Most of it can be attributed to people making bad choices and people being inherently violent or criminally insane. Do you really want to go through the insanity wards at the local mental hospital with a bell, bible and candle to cast the demons out? We already know that in most cases that just doesn’t work. People can have a defect in their brains, specifically in that part of the brain that manages impulses and self control. It’s not the acts of a devil. Making that claim, allows you to ignore effective treatments: death for the evil doer.

    • I normally share your ire, as I usually have the same reaction when I hear people bring up the spiritual warfare angle when things go bad. Typically, such types are attempting to justify their own cowardice.

      In this instance, however, I think Dr. Moore takes the correct approach.

      Note that he is not in any way undermining the justice processes that we would agree on–i.e. death for the evildoer.

      Nor does he use this as a perch to attack gun rights; in fact, from what I know of the folks at Southern, he is probably on the same page as we are.

    • Strong believer in Spiritual Warfare, but I don’t think I have EVER encountered what you describe.

      I’m not going around thinking everyone committing evil acts is in need of an exorcism. I don’t think Spiritual Warfare is like a horror movie.

    • So just heard a commercial for FX’s new show “The Following” and one person said “Deliciously Evil.”

      This is the form I believe the majority of spiritual warfare plays out – inching evil into our lives little by little until we don’t recognize it in its moderate forms and are excited when witnessing its worst.

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