Bumpy Ride Ahead

I’m not a Spring chicken; I’ll be 46 in less than 2 weeks. But I never thought I’d live to see the day where our White House is on the verge of launching the worst attack on American freedoms since the Wilson Administration.

I was born during the Vietnam era. While that was not a war for my generation, I probably would have found myself opposing the war while having nothing to do with the nutjobs who screamed, “Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh!” and spat on our troops. The problem was not our troops–who were fighting a war for which they did not ask–but rather the policy wonks and their Commander-in-Chief.

Still, for all of the faults of JFK, LBJ, and even Nixon, Ford, and Carter, none of them had an interest in assaulting the firearm rights of Americans in the manner that the current President seeks to do. (The Gun Control Act of 1968, travesty that it was, pales in comparison to what Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has on the table, let alone the threats of gun-control-by-executive-order by our Vice President on behalf of his boss.)

I was in 8th grade when President Reagan was shot. I remember his recovery, and watching the speech he made to the joint session of Congress in his return. He could have used his own shooting as a perch to attack “gun violence” and demand more gun control. But he didn’t: he lauded the Secret Service agents who performed valiantly; he lauded the physicians who treated him; he read some of the well-wishes from children; he empathized with the family of James Brady.

In short, Reagan kept his eye on the ball, and cooler heads prevailed. In fact, five years later, he would sign the Firearm Owner Protection Act of 1986, which–in spite of the restrictions on production of machine guns for civilian use–provided badly-needed protections for Citizens who were having their rights attacked by government at all levels. (I mean seriously: before FOPA, duck hunters were being prosecuted for simply driving through the wrong counties. And the ATF’s abuses were so bad that even the DEMOCRATS were recoiling in horror.)

My point: back then, we had a President who kept things in perspective, sought to keep government out of our business, and promoted the best of America. He didn’t do everything right, but he had a grasp of what was really important. AS a result, we were a better country in 1989 than we were in 1981. THAT is how the Cold War was won.

But Obama is literally destroying this country with his threat of gun bans. I’ve never seen things this bad across the board. Every gun store is sold out of semiautomatic rifles, something I’ve never seen in my lifetime. He is taking recent tragedies and using them to promote a fascist, totalitarian agenda that has disaster written all over it. While the left will complain, “Oh come now, government will never try to confiscate guns,” one has reason not to trust them. After all, the Department for Homeland Security has enough ammo to supply every employee of said agency with over 2,000 rounds of .223 ammunition. And we have no idea who is on the “terrorist watch list.” Moreover, we have government entities who have sought to classify everyone from NRA members to Ron Paul supporters as potential “domestic terrorists”.

Against the backdrop of a government that seeks to regulate what you put in your mouth, I’d say that is plenty good reason not to trust government.

What angers me though is not Obama: he is doing exactly what I expected he would do. Nor is it Feinstein: she is doing exactly what I expeted she would do. We all know where Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, and all their lackeys stand.

No…what makes my blood boil is the inaction by Republican leaders: where the heck is House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)? Where the heck is Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)? Other than our fine Senator–Rand Paul–where are the conservative voices in elective office?

And what about the military leaders who wear the uniform and have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic? Why aren’t they pulling the President back and telling him, “Mr. President, you need to cool it with your gun agenda. Not only are you on the verge of promoting a societal breakdown from which it will take decades to recover, you are committing an act of war against the American people. For the sake of this great country, knock it off!”?

It is glaringly obvious that we no longer have two parties; what we have is a bicameral fascist system where leaders only disagree on the degree of fascism. The military leaders–with perhaps a few exceptions–are just suckups to the President, as the real leaders have been “retired”. If you expect the Joint Chiefs of Staff to advise the President to knock it off, that will happen about five minutes after Hell freezes over.

I told MrsLarijani that I never imagined that the end of our Republic could happen in my lifetime. But–as the son of an Iranian immigrant of Kurdish ancestry who knows quite well what happened in Iran in the 1970s–that is a very real possibility.

Is it a conspiracy, or is government really that stupid? There was once a time when I would have answered no on the first and yes on the second. Now, it could be yes on both.

The next four years are going to be quite bumpy.

12 thoughts on “Bumpy Ride Ahead

  1. A fire is often used to mask the evidence of the house being robbed. The Obama administration has been looting the treasury for the past four years and has another 4 to run. But when it all burns to the ground, and the guy holding the loan note is dead, who’s to say where the money went?

  2. “It is glaringly obvious that we no longer have two parties; what we have is a bicameral fascist system where leaders only disagree on the degree of fascism.”

    no reason to sugarcoat it, or call it something else (democracy, republic, etc.)

    it is what it is

    the Feminists, Marxists and Elite joined to destroy the male populace, and when that populace has been beaten down for 50 years, and begins to strike out in desperation, THEN the little monsters implement their gun-grabs and constitutional shutdowns, needing to “restore order” and “protect” a culture they deliberately sabotaged and corrupted, for their own sinister purposes

    now their Perfect Storm is set to go, and you are correct, these traitors to God and nation have no limits or consciences, except what serves their own power and avarice

  3. I was in 8th grade when President Reagan was shot.

    I was in college when President Reagan was shot. U.Va. was supposed to play later that day in the NCAA Final Four’s third-place game, but almost nobody cared due to the horrific news. (The NCAA abolished the third-place game following the 1981 Final Four.)

    AS a result, we were a better country in 1989 than we were in 1981.

    Yes we were, and for a lot of reasons. I graduated in 1982 in the midst of a hellacious recession; by 1989 I was in my second year with a company where I stayed for more than 20 years.

    where the heck is House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)? Where the heck is Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)?

    They’re probably too busy licking their wounds from the “fiscal cliff” fight. In addition, they’re either too gunshy to put up a fight on gun control or they simply don’t give a damn.

    The next four years are going to be quite bumpy.

    I’m afraid that may be a significant understatement.

  4. The problem is secularism. People want a secular government, so that they can maintain their pluralism. The problem is that secularism is no foundation for anything. Historically, whenever this kind of secular, atheistic society and government has taken root, it always results in authoritarianism. The reason is that secularism has no universal foundation or base to define what is acceptable human behavior within a society. Hence, they have to impose certain standards on society by brute force.

    For example, how should people use their guns? Should they use them to kill people? And why should they not use it to kill people? Secularists will inevitably say that they should not use their guns to kill people, but they cannot come up with a reason for it based in universal absolutes, other than because they say so. Hence, they shove it down their throats by the brute force of law. They enact programs to try to stop the violence that destroy end up taking away freedoms, and this results in more and more government imposition.

    I would say that what we really need is to restore society back to a Christian rather than a secular humanistic base. What the left is seeing is the chaos that will happen if men who do not believe there is a God who has given moral absolutes in the Bible are left to themselves. Still, the left is ignoring the evil authoritarian governments that have tried to prevent chaos in the same way, and have ended up abusing those under their authority.

    The rotten root here is secularism. Our society must abandon it. However, left to their own feel good riches and personal peace, I don’t see that happening any time soon. If our society does not abandon a secular foundation, more and more freedoms will be lost, and our society will collapse.

    • No question about it. And it’s not just a secular government; it’s an overarching secular society that has divorced itself from any objective moral standard.

      Our Founders were not a homogeneous group of Christian conservatives. Their ranks included Deists and Unitarians, in addition to Reform and Arminian variants. But here’s the thing: they were not hostile to the overarching Christian consensus. Yes, our founding government was secular in that it passed no law respecting an establishment of religion. But that Christian consensus informed the practice of law and justice in ways that our modern secularists fail to appreciate.

      And when you undermine that consensus, you have to replace it with something else, and that something else is going to inform the practice of law and justice, as well as impact the fundamental rights of people.

      Our Founders believed that the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness were “unalienable” and “endowed by the Creator.” The logical consequence is that the right of one to defend said rights was also “unalienable” and “endowed by the Creator.”

      Impose a secularist/relativist standard, and that goes out the window. All of a sudden your rights not “unalienable” and “endowed by the Creator”, and therefore are subject to whatever the State wishes to decree. In such a case, the same is true for your prerogative to defend said rights.

      But that’s ok…government would NEVER sell you down the river…

      Along those lines, though, I think Vox Day is correct. The rejection of religion in general has reached its high water mark in our society. We’ll see a resurgence in fundamental Christianity. It will take some time, but I think our great experiment with secularism–once it fails–will cause the pendulum to swing wildly the other way if the Lord tarries.

  5. this all makes me wonder … how far will people actually let the government take them? will americans recognize their freedoms being violated early enough? will social media and mass communication make any difference?

    i guess the question is … what will it take for people to stand up for what they believe?

    and then i wonder … once done … will there be a christian underground that will become stronger than the freedom of religion we have now? will this kind of society strongly separate the sheep from the wolves? will we come to a place where we are truly defined by who we are and who we are not, without much room for wafting back and forth to accomplish our own personal goals at any given moment in time?

    and i wonder … what will it take for christians to take a stand and stand firm?

    the bible says narrow the path and few who follow Christ compared to wide is the path and many who follow destruction. it seems difficult in this culture to determine who the few really are. will we come to a place where the few are clearly defined?

  6. “Christian consensus”. Someone knows their Schaeffer! The wholesale rejection of the Constitution is a pale reflexion of the culture’s rejection of God’s objective standard, and exists for the precise same reason: the abolition of authority. If I deny authority, then I may do as I please, “every man doing what is right in his own eyes”.

    This is also reflected in the ridiculous “We the People” on the White House website. I am despairing because people give ANY credence to the “We The People” petition-mo-tron. It is an internet illusion, like talk radio, where people make comments, and feel like they have DONE something, when they have done nothing more than talk.

    Ours is a representative republic, NOT a democracy. A “vote” on the website is worthless, and only gives the Administration one more thing to ignore or belittle, and ultimately serves to make many of the petitioners just look like imbeciles.

    Of COURSE Feinstein will be brought up on treason because of a petition, just like all the DVDs, books and Youtube videos about the President’s various inconsistencies and apparent untruths kept him from being re-elected.

    People, do it by the rules. The White House came up with this petition thing as a misdirection. It is a NEW thing, which carries ZERO weight as ballast for the Ship of State.

        • This is not really new, and in fact has lots of precedent in American history.

          Irrespective of your views on the Civil War, Lincoln imprisoned many of his political opponents, including journalists and even a Congressman.

          During World War I, Woodrow Wilson imprisoned his political opponents, attacked the freedom of the press, and searched homes and businesses without warrant. Goldberg does a great job pointing this out in Liberal Fascism. Here is the executive summary.

          Similarly, FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ used J. Edgar Hoover FBI to do “black bag” ops–the same kind that sunk Nixon–to dig up the dirt on his opponents.

          Nixon had his “enemies list”, and his most famous black bag operation–Watergate–would be his undoing. Here is some background on that list.

          A lot of people thought we ended that side of government in the aftermath of Watergate. That would be incorrect; government has simply become better at covering its collective tracks. Times have changed, people have not. We are repeating history.

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