3 thoughts on “You Can Trust the Government

  1. this is so scary. we are just a breath … a rumor … a few hours of mass hysterical fear … from something so terrible, once again.

    • I know this much: a few weeks ago, an AR-15 would have fetched under $800. (I saw a DPMS at Wal-Mart for under $700.)

      Now, IF you can find one in a gun store–and almost all are sold out–you’ll be hard-pressed to find one for under $1,200. And the ammunition–which, a few years ago, ran for $0.10 per round, now runs for $1.00 per round. IF you can find it.

      Things weren’t this bad during the days of the 1994 assault weapon ban.

  2. I once had a roommate who was of Native American ancestry. His car had a bumper sticker which read, “Sure you can trust the federal government. Just ask an Indian.”

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