President Obama and the Law of Unintended Consequences

In the wake of various high-profile mass shootings–the Aurora, CO theater, the Oregon Mall, Sandy Hook, and the assault on the New York firemen–President Obama has sought to impose a “meaningful ban on assault weapons”, ostensibly to keep them off the street.

If that were his true intention, he has already failed miserably. Over the past month, there has been an absolute run on semiautomatic rifles above .22LR caliber. This has only guaranteed that more of those rifles are now in civilians hands. In fact, many people who would have never considered owning a semiautomatic rifle are now proud owners of AR-15s, AK-47s, or other variants of rifles that fire those calibers. And the prices for the ammunition–especially .223 caliber–are now running at about a dollar per round.

(NOTE: I have no gripe with civilians buying said firearms; in fact, I welcome it. Will some of those folks be bad guys with malevolent intentions? Probably. Almost all, however, are seeking to protect themselves from a government that has shown to be less-than-trustworthy, or perhaps a potential breakdown of local government.)

There also seems to be a very significant number of folks–including women–seeking concealed carry licenses. Last Saturday, MrsLarijani took a concealed carry class. Every student in the class was female.

At any rate, had Obama simply kept his mouth shut and left gun rights alone, you’d have an order of magnitude fewer assault rifles on the street today.

6 thoughts on “President Obama and the Law of Unintended Consequences

  1. “Last Saturday, MrsLarijani took a concealed carry class. Every student in the class was female.”

    of course

    women are quite aware of what they’ve done to men and little boys over the past fifty years — i have seen their faces close-up as theyve destroyed good men in their courtrooms, offices, schools, universities, private homes. . . everywhere they could get away with it, that is . . . so, everywhere

    women know that the imposition of their gyno-gulag prison-nation matriarchy eventually will drive their victims to violence (sandy hook et al)

    dont the ladies LOVE their “concealed permits” — it’d be difficult to imagine a phrase of passive-aggresiveness more apt to describe the tactics of the modern western female

    her whole tyrannous Fempire is a Concealed Permit lol

    so now the grlls are arming up, twofold:

    1) arming themselves personally (tho, as always, in secret, so as to maintain their Ladylike Facade)

    2) using their personal government (the u.s.) to continue persecuting boys and men, while their personal president further criminalizes decent men by making their weapons illegal

    how many WOMEN gun-owners do you imagine the egalitarian government will hunt down and cage? LOL theyre called Mancages for a reason

    women collectively now are covering the evil they have done, and because they refuse to turn from rebellion against God and man, the only way “forward” is to increase the oppression and repression of males, and of masculinity, and to globalize their Gynogulag

    well done! get those Concealed Carry Permits fast! i am sure they will save you

    • Actually, I think a lot of it is (a) many are “getting it” on the same level that their husbands do–in MrsLarijani’s class, most of the women were married, and four of them were police wives–and (b) marketing.

      Gun companies–and ranges–have done a great job marketing their products to women in the last few years.

      The gun industry is not historically a high profit margin industry. Companies seek any little edge they can get.

  2. I think this panic buying is more than just an anti-government sentiment. I think it is a deeper us vs them sentiment manifesting. When people can no longer depend on fair treatment in their courts, or in democratic action, or when they expect anarchy to become the rule of the day, then they look to being well armed. i believe the number of people who could be counted on to participate in armed rebellion is less than 1% of those people who have bought guns in the past four years. And the number of people whoul can be counted on to fire the first shot are statistically insignificant. The reason is that in the Us Vs Them, the “us” is conposed of mostly white guys whith families and jobs. Guys who have always played by the rules even when the rules were against them. To make such a fundimental shift in world view is just not possible for them. And the first few people sho do shoot first will be called “crazy”. (some of them WILL be crazy).

    The Southern States left the Union only when it became obvious that they had become a permanent minority in a democratic process and that none of their guaranteed rights would be honored. It is the expectation that the deck is permanently stacked against you that leads people to rebel against the current system.

    I think that there is a broad understanding that such a contest is coming. That elections will never again permit a conservative governing majority and that the alternative is a tyrrany over every detail of our lives, great and small.

    There are also many people who are simply preparing for economic collapse and the need to defend ones self in the event of the social breakdown that will accompany it.

    • I’d have to agree: there is definitely a huge “us” vs. “them” sentiment among those buying firearms. The rhetoric from Obama is only stoking that fire.

      As for those looking for armed rebellion, I’d have to agree: I see only a fringe element seeking to actively pick a fight with the government. Most of us–like myself–are simply seeking to protect our lives and properties in the event that the economy completely melts down and social order breaks down, as the defecation hits the circulation at a high velocity.

      When that happens, the feds are going to be the least of my worries. I’m more concerned about the various posses that would emerge as local governments break down. Some of those will be good guys, many will be KKK and other malcontents who are no good.

      • And don’t forget those people who will pretend to be remnants of legitimate government out to collect “taxes” but not providing any services other than “protection” and a vague sense of “for the common good”. There will be a lot of people in on that racket.

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