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Professor Hale had a post where he invited his readers to “Ask Me Anything,” so, of course, I did.

As a dad … what do you think are some of the most important things you have done. What would you say/advise a new dad?

Also … how would you advise a mom to teach their children regarding their dad and men.

I like his answer; it’s worth repeating. Here’s what Professor Hale answered:

The most important thing I have done is the creation of my child. Both in the genetic contribution and in the physical support and intellectual guidance I have given her. I have always tried to ensure that she did not have to learn life’s hard lessons by trial and error when so many generations before her already know those answers. Staying in my marriage so that I could be there for her was important and the results prove I was right to do that. I say with only a little bit of hubris that the world is a better place because I was able to pass along the good parts of me into another generation.

Nothing else in my life even comes close.

Advice to parents: Teach your children to become adults. Let them experience your adult life through you. Talk to them with your adult voice and adult vocabulary. Expose them to your adult friends and let them participate in adult conversation. Every child should be homeschooled at least through 6th grade. By then they will be so far ahead of their public school “peers” that it won’t matter how or where they finish their mandatory 12 years of “education”. If you don’t think you are smart enough to teach a 6th grader, you should not be having kids. Get your tubes tied. If you don’t have the patience to be around your OWN children until they are 12 years old, then don’t have them. Snip-snip. There are lots of things your children need to know that the public education system won’t teach them. Don’t neglect those things. Basic economics. How to do things like pay an electric bill. How to get a credit card. How to manage a checking accoount. How to keep their car working. And how to be skeptical of the claims by experts who want to control them.

Finally, teach them that Christianity is important. Important to Western civilization as we know it, but more, important to them personally. It is not good enough that they were born into a Christian home in a nominally Christian country. They need to understand what it is all about and what it is all for. Then they need to choose it for themselves. Not to please you, to please their girl friend, or because all their friends are doing it.

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