Staying In

In the midst of a lot of stuff … I’ve been dwelling on the Sovereignty and Power of God … and also about how God knows everything but doesn’t tell me everything. I’ve thought about Abraham waiting for a promised son who would make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky … about Joseph being sold to slavery and waiting for years in prison not having any promise of any kind of future … about Job having everything taken away and his friends telling him to ditch God … and while these stories have their happy endings … I think their choices to Stay In the waiting, while not knowing their outcome, was their story.

There are so many in difficult situations in the world these days. I think this has always been true, but our economy and political environment seem to magnify it all. It’s crazy-hard to wrap our minds around so much difficulty, tragedy, and uncertainty. Fear becomes like a fierce blizzard waiting to pound down the doors to our souls and suffocate us to death in its frigid grip. We do not have access to information about the future; we only know history as we remember it, and we only know our part of this moment we’re in. Our panic buttons are blaring their alarms while furiously flashing their huge, red lights. Even if we could see clearly, there is no visible way out.

So where is God now?

God is here, with us … with you where you are; with me where I am … in the waiting, in the staying. What are God and I doing as we stay and wait? What are you and God doing as you stay and wait?. Perhaps that’s the question that is most important … more important than, “How much longer?”

I’m weary of Staying In. Staying denotes some sort of permanence, a season. I don’t want it to be a season … I want it to be more like a long line that I can clearly see moving forward till it’s my turn. I’m ready to be free from this mess I’m in. But as a Believer who chooses to trust in God, I choose to stay, to lean into where I am rather than fight it, while I wait. I know God is here, with me, in the waiting, while I stay where I am. May I make it more than just a wait in a moving line … may I make this season productive in some way as I stay here till God notifies me otherwise.

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