Communist Takeover of the U.S. is Underway

Say what you want about Roissy, he’s spot on here. If you support this crap, then you are out of touch with what being an American is all about.

8 thoughts on “Communist Takeover of the U.S. is Underway

  1. I find some of this objectionable, but some of it is not. Is it so horrible to treat people within our borders with some modicum of respect? America was indeed founded by outsiders…people who were being oppressed because of their religious choices. The native peoples were often mistreated, they were even given blankets which had been used by people who had smallpox. That wasn’t what you call nice, now was it? Truthfully people have always migrated and always been at war with each other regardless of race! The Civil War was literally brother against brother with black people thrown into the mix a bit. There are tribes of the same race which were at each others throats for centuries. Right now it seems to be popular to chalk it up to race. *SIGH* That’s foolishness and propagates hatred.

    I really don’t like the Youtbe comments I see about Mexican fruit pickers and going back to the country where you came from. I didn’t enjoy reading the hatemongering against blacks in Roissy’s commentary. It just spreads more hate. All the whining in the comments is so not alpha. I had to laugh at the dude who complained about the sexual harassment training he had to go through…he’s exactly the kind of person it was designed for.

    • I’ll tell you what is bothering folks about minorities, and I say this as someone who works in an agency that is chock full of them.

      It has nothing to do with skin color, or their national origins.

      It has EVERYTHING to do with them getting breaks at everyone else’s expense.

      Where I work, there is a group that is federally-funded. They have their own management, even though they technically fall under our umbrella.

      They are run by a woman who can’t manage her way out of a paper bag. She pulls a $95K salary and does next to nothing. She comes in whenever she wants, she travels a lot (at taxpayer expense), and she’s a royal pain in the ass to work with. Very few people in her group like her.

      I asked her assistant, “How on earth did she get that position?”

      The answer: “She rings the bell twice.” Oh, I didn’t mention: she happens to be black.

      When I first hired into a contractor position in 1994, I had been turned down for a systems analyst position at a particular department. They passed me up for Rodney, who was a minority. He was not nearly as qualified as I was, but he “rang the bell” more times than I did.

      As a contractor, I ended up doing all of the work he was handed. There was a major system the design of which was his responsibility. After two months, his department farmed the project to me, and I got it done in three weeks. After that, whenever the system needed tweaking, I got the call.

      Rodney and I were relatively good friends, although he was of a completely different political persuasion. But there was a lot of tension in my department because of hires like that one.

      You see, Rodney was hardly the only instance. In fact, in a plethora of companies, schools, and businesses that work with them, it is quite common for less-qualified minorities to get picked over more-qualified whites.

      Where I used to live–Louisville, Kentucky–the police department was the same way. A friend of mine–Randall–applied for a position. He was VERY qualified: high intelligence, good physical condition, college education, the whole 9 yards.

      He was passed over for a job, in favor of black applicants who were less-qualified in both education and experience, and who scored lower on the aptitude exam.

      While hatred of minorities is certainly not justified, the animosity is definitely understandable.

      • My last name plus my gender landed me in the circular file. I barely got 2 interviews out of college in my field. I can’t account for people who got things they didn’t deserve, but there were a few things in there about treating people with a basic level of respect that I agree with. Sometimes, speaking as a woman, I was working harder than anyone else and getting far less credit. I also experienced a great deal of resentment just because of my gender. If you hate your supervisor and don’t feel she is qualified, complain and ask for a transfer.

        • At my agency, and in my industry (postsecondary education) it’s the other way around: women are the ones who get the nod in hiring, promotions, the whole nine yards.

    • You seem to hate the haters as much as the haters with legitimate gripes hate you.You uber- arrogant pseudo-intellectuals kill me.Go shove a granola laced peace sign pendant up your sphincter before you move to France.

  2. idk if it’s true anywhere else, but EVERY form in texas now has, close to the top, the question as to whether or not you’re mexican/latin or not. it’s very disturbing.

    when my first daughter was born 15+ years ago, she had some struggles. i kept calling in the nurse – an asian woman who was very difficult to understand – and she totally did not know what to do. she had to buzz another nurse to help us, and the two argued in front of me. (1) she couldn’t communicate clearly with me, and (2) she didn’t know what the heck she was doing. i dont’ care what her nationality was, but i do care that she didn’t know how to care for us.

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