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Where the heck is Anakin Niceguy?

Haven’t seen him out there. He’s not even chiming in on Boundless anymore.

Also haven’t seen Catwoman in forever.

10 thoughts on “Where the heck is Anakin Niceguy?

  • David says:

    Maybe because Boundless is so depressing to singles? I know I haven’t lurked in awhile. Don’t even miss it.

    • singleman says:

      I lurk at Boundless once or twice a week, but I’m not too impressed with them these days. Boundless did themselves no favors when they replaced John Thomas, who said something worthwhile on occasion, with Scott Croft, who advocates courtship legalism dressed in slightly different packaging.

  • Amir says:

    I haven’t had the chance to go there in at least a month. Getting slammed at work.

  • Brendan says:

    He pretty much disappeared I agree, as did she. It happens. It’s possible that they are reincarnated under new names — that happens as well — although each of them was relatively easy to pick out from a crowd, so to speak, in terms of linguistic style. I think that sometimes people do really just move on from the internet, blogs and so on, and it appears that this is what has happened here.

  • singleman says:

    OT: The Wartburg Watch started a series on singles and the church yesterday. Here’s their first post:

    • David says:

      I hope the folks at The Wartburg Watch haven’t forgotten that some singles would like to marry, and that the church naturally caters to families.

  • Dave says:

    Personally I got tired of the seemingly-random comment blocking on Boundless and now have also basically given up on it. Of course I’m not Anakin though.

    • singleman says:

      I seldom comment at Boundless. One reason is that several comments I tried to post in the past were rejected without explanation or logical reason.

  • Charles says:

    There was a mention of a name – possibly a psuedonym for a pseudonym – on some men’s right’s blog a few years ago, with the comment that it belonged to Anakin Niceguy. I searched by that name but only found an image of a truck. (Not making any of this up). I’m not sure if it was the Spearhead, Voice for Men, or something else. At any rate the trail was cold.

  • Kevin says:

    That’s a good question. I never really followed Boundless that carefully but I did read his blog back when he was still posting. I kind of lost interest in some of the singleness debates/discussions (even before I got married).

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