Tangential Discussion

Let’s say we have two groups of people: A and B.

Let’s say group A has a set of rights: C and D, and are subject to two sets of risks: E and F.

Let’s say group B has a set of rights: C and D, but only subject to the set of risks E.

Let’s say that both groups–A and B–are given the same set of benefits: G.

Let’s also say that group A has to perform at a higher standard than B to get a minimum passing score.

Are we treating groups A and B equally?

Explain your answer.

4 thoughts on “Tangential Discussion

  1. Of course, my answer is no.

    Group A has to get a higher score than Group B in order to pass.

    Group A is subject to a greater set of risks than Group B.

    And yet Group B enjoys the same rights and benefits as Group A.

    One cannot reasonably suggest that the two groups are being treated equally.

  2. You lost me at “e”. Some day I will grow an extra finger on each hand, and then I will fly through your abstractions with comparative ease. Until then I’ll just take your word for it.

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