Israel Issues Ultimatum to Syria

07/15/2006: One must wonder what the “or else” clause is on this one (HT: Pilgrim at 3NailsMinistries.

Meanwhile, Bashar Assad is promising to help Lebanon repel the Israelis (HT: Black Five).

To the idiots at the Arab League:

(1) the so-called “Peace Process” is NOT dead; it was NEVER ALIVE!!!

(2) You’re nothing but a bunch of Nazi scumbags–with towels on your heads–who never gave a crap about peace.

(3) I don’t care if you all die. You are a disgrace to humanity, and a threat to Arabs, Jews, Iraqis, and Iranians who really want peace.

And to Bush and the idiots who think “diplomacy works in the middle east”:

(1) Your stupid “Roadmap for Peace” is actually a HIGHWAY TO HELL!!!

(2) Your PhDs from Georgetown University are as useful as a post-mortem colonoscopy.

(3) You should all be fired, as you are wasting taxpayer money while you bloviate about things and make absolutely no sense.

(4) You need to see a doctor about their collective case of CRD (cranio-rectal disorder).

I hope Israel returns the Arab world to its glory days of 1967. Maybe the Syrians will get practice ejecting from their aircraft after the Israelis blast them out of the sky. Remember 1982? Bekaa Valley: 82-0.

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