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Susan Walsh is an ally of sorts. I found her site via Vox Day’s Alpha Game site, and have referenced her from here a few times.

(While I am quite happily-married, I still take a passing interest in Game as well as other issues of interest to male-female relations. As for Game sites, I tend to enjoy Vox, Susan, and Dalrock. Occasionally I can stomach Roissy, although I think his nihilism often overshadows his brilliance.)

Tonight, looking over at Susan’s blog, I saw this exchange, between modernguy and Susan.

modernguy says (emphasis mine):

What it all boils down to is that Susan doesn’t like the idea of boys learning to make their girlfriends feel insecure about the stability of their relationship to keep them interested. Because she wouldn’t have liked that to happen to her, at least she imagines she wouldn’t. But girls live in a hot and cold world. And if you want her to keep it hot sometimes you have to make her fear the cold. As long as your intentions are good, it’s all for the good. Girls love being manipulated, as long as it ends well.

Susan’s response to that:

You’re a sick fuck.

Well, while I would tip my hat to Susan while spewing coffee through my nose–modernguy doesn’t seem all there–I will concede that modernguy’s last sentence is correct: in general, “Girls love being manipulated, as long as it ends well.

That is part and parcel with the whole topic of women who are attracted to bad boys, who think they can change them. I’m not saying this to nail women or elevate men; it just is what it is.

Women generally go for the Alphas and Sigmas, often when they know the ride will be bumpy. Susan even referenced this herself when she pointed out that women are attracted to the Dark Triad men:

Under these market conditions, the men who come across as dominant, i.e. confident, have many admirers, and that includes the bad boys. In fact, cads now make up a disproportionate share of confident men. Recently I explained why some women are drawn to Dark Triad men. Dark traits are extreme examples of what women find attractive.

Women are attracted to confidence.

Narcissists are the most confident men.

Women are attracted to calm strength rather than anxiety.

Sociopaths are the least anxious men.

Women are attracted to men who are dominant.

Disagreeable, even violent men are the most dominant.

Women are attracted to men who embrace risk.

Dangerous men, and men in dangerous settings are the most comfortable with risk.

It’s not hard to see how many women wind up frittering away their youth and beauty on losers.

Personally, I think Susan nailed it, and modernguy–sicko that he might be–hit at least part of it out of the park, for the same reason Susan did.

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