Try to Be Like Them

Parenting is interesting. Some will think you’re not a family until you have a baby. Some will think you’re not a real family until you have more than one baby. Some will think that their perfect children are a total result of their own great parenting. When you have a boy or girl, some will think you don’t really know what parenting is until you have one of each. Sheesh. It’s enough to make one go mad.

Then, once a baby is in the home, there are the constant milestones conversations: when did baby roll over? sit up? walk? run? talk? potty train? eat certain foods? dress themself? clean up their own room? etc.

Once baby is kindergarten age, there are a whole host of other issues parents must decide how soon to introduce to their child. Sex is a big hot-topic – when and what and how much to you teach your kids? News. Tragedies. Hunger. That Uncle’s male friend is not, ummm, just a ‘friend.’

There are some things, though, that we have to share with our kids that we really don’t want to. Some things we’d rather hide away and ignore as if they never existed. Family Secrets. Due to a plethora of circumstances, I’ve had to share some of those with my girls lately. Sigh.

Knowledge, once received, cannot be undone … just as words spoken cannot be taken back … just as actions done cannot be undone.

Whether they live in your home or not, whether they’re yours or not, children are watching, listening, imitating, and continuously learning from you. Be the kind of man or woman that God can point out to a child and say, “Look at him/her … try to be like them.”


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