Field Trip Mom

Sigh. I don’t know her, but by the limited conversation I overheard, she has several children. When I saw her walking away with a group of middle schooler’s, it was obvious she was wearing a thong under her silky, slinky, skirt. Yep, she had a hot body. I am sure her selection was not missed by the boys – especially since many boys that age are still a bit short, and she is tall.

This is why young girls dress sexy … because their momma’s do.

Ladies, save the sexy for your husband … and then flaunt it all you want to his heart’s desire. But with middle school boys? Please dress a bit more modestly.

4 thoughts on “Field Trip Mom

  1. She might not have a husband. Lots of women in that age group are “between husbands”.

    Young girls dress that way because their friends do. if anything, their moms dressing the same way would discourage them. Even if parents strictly forbid improper dressing, the girls would bring the improper ones in their bags and change once they get to school.

    Maybe you are just being catty.

  2. actually, the mom’s begin dressing their daughters ‘sexy’ before they begin school, at least in the area where we live. there is great competition among moms the way they dress their daughters … and how sexy they look and dress themselves, regardless of whether they have a husband or not. they promote and celebrate ‘sexy’ individually and in groups, and the sexier and hotter their daughter looks, the more the mom flaunts it in her behalf.

    yes, many girls will push the limits and beyond of dress … but here, they don’t have to much b/c their moms have been doing it for them since they were itty bitty. and they have the money to do it.

    and since the moms have been dressing and encouraging sexy dress and behavior since their daughters were little, the daughters, at this age, do the same with their moms.

    maybe some might think i’m catty, but i still think adult women, especially among their children’s peers, should think a little bit more about the appropriateness of their presentation than they do about impressing their own peers and how sexy they look chaperoning a field trip.

  3. I don’t see that in my neighborhood. Women with younger children complain about not being able to find well made modest clothing for their daughters. You must live in the slutty neighborhood.

    Where is that, by the way? I just want to know so I can avoid it.

    • roflol! da peoples got money here … but sometimes i wonder where their sense done gone to. the only moms and kids i’ve heard complain about finding modest clothing, other than myself and my kids, are my internet friends who live in other places.

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