The Dogs Will Have their Day

I am not surprised that the feministas won the filibuster in Texas last night.

At the same time, the bill would not have changed much, as more than 90% of abortions occur in the first trimester.

Still, Death Culture is going to have their day. And we will continue to reap the whirlwind.

23 thoughts on “The Dogs Will Have their Day

  1. I really do believe that the people who say they are on our side are not really on our side and that their demonstrations of support are half-hearted if at all. No conservative groups would have been permitted to stay in a government building shouting without being arrested and ejected immediately (if allowed in at all). No Governing body would stop their business just because a bunch of conservative “tea-baggers” were disrupting things. No Politician would let a technicality stand in the way of passing something that advanced the socialist agenda.

    The law in California supported by a clear majority is “no gay marriage”. But the governor just decided not to defend it in court when it gets challenged.

    DOMA passed in congress and signed into law by the president overturned in the courts not because the Congress had no authority to legislate in that area, but because the courts found a whole new civil right.

    And let’s not forget the betrayal of Roberts discovering that Obamacare was a perfectly legitimate exercise of Constitutional Federal government authority.

    There is no one on our side. Elections don’t matter.

    • I really do believe that the people who say they are on our side are not really on our side and that their demonstrations of support are half-hearted if at all.

      No question about it. Especially when you look at the Republican party. With few exceptions, they have been sleeping at the wheel.

      And many state attorneys general and solicitors general–not supportive of the laws they are “defending”–have half-assed their court briefs because they have no dog in the fight.

      In the California case–which you rightly pointed out–the state didn’t even fight the lower court ruling; that was taken on by a private entity on behalf of the people of California. SCOTUS threw the case out due to lack of standing.

  2. What’s disturbing is that based on the polls I’ve seen most Americans, and even more Texans, support the idea of the bill. Most Americans do not favor late term abortions, and also, the bill would make sure the appropriate medical staff helps women when they need it.

    Also, does Wendy feel that she speaks for ALL women? And why aren’t the media showing that many of the people at the Capitol are pro-life? This is being spun in a very twisted way.

    • If it weren’t for the media, abortion would be legal except for cases where the sperm meets the egg.

      They are the abortionists’ fifth column.

    • what is shocking me … i live in texas, and my fb friends are mostly fairly conservative, mostly christians … and when i post something on this stuff going on in our great state, there are VERY few comments or likes, and there have even been a few who have either directly or indirectly taken a stand that is either neutral or would rather err on the side of pro-choice than pro-life. honestly, if christians cannot support the life of a baby, why the heck should those who do not believe in Jesus Christ?

      one fb friend wrote her own post stating that we all need to ‘get along’ and ‘listen to each other’ so we can make peace and come to neutral ground. really? hello? when i asked her if she believed that those who are pro-life should consider moving more toward pro-choice, she skirted the whole thing and said she would not state her own stand on this issue. really? she is not willing to take a stand on abortion? she’s so ‘righteous’ on so many things, but she won’t take a stand on abortion? she’s dissed men many times, but she won’t take a stand against abortion? no wonder the church and the christian community is sinking faster than quick sand can be delivered.

      • Sadly, the pro-life camp has a serious demographic problem: a non-trivial percentage of American women have had at least one abortion. And from what I’ve seen in Christian circles, you cannot assume that one who carries an outwardly pious, conservative disposition does not have a skeleton or three in their closet.

        As I’ve said before, any woman who has had sex at all–single or married–has nearly a 40% chance of having blood on her hands. And while the conservative evangelical ranks may not have as high a rate, let’s just say it is probably not a whole lot lower.

        Politically speaking, that translates to a weakened base for the pro-life cause. This is because while those otherwise conservative Christian women–who sit on the fence–know that abortion is fundamentally wrong, they want it legal “just in case” their children have an “oopsie” like they did. They won’t carry the picket signs. They won’t be carrying signs that say, “If I wanted a politician in my womb, I’d f*** a Senator.”. But they won’t be voting pro-life when push comes to shove, either.

        My dire prediction: Wendy Davis will be the next governor in Texas.

        • My dire prediction: Wendy Davis will be the next governor in Texas.

          That may depend on how much the issue of illegal immigration offsets the issue of abortion rights.

          • She’ll win. She’ll have the media on her side.

            And, sadly, Rick Perry has a tendency to have cerebral flatulence at the worst possible times; this causes him to come off as a buffoon.

        • That’s the key issue. So many women have had abortions, even Christian women, or, if they have not, have seriously considered having one that even if they agree in theory that it is immoral, they do not want it to be illegal, but to be available as an option “just in case” they or their children/grandchildren/nieces and so on “need it” at some stage. This is why I think that the abortion issue can’t really be won politically. It’s just a very real, visceral issue for many women — including women who may agree in theory that it is immoral. It’s something very few women have much interest in taking away entirely.

  3. @Amir

    You might like this article on the Guardian, The media make it seem like Texas will be blue, but they don’t realize just how conservative Texas is and how many Texans are angry about the bill not being passed. The above article is written by someone who is more liberal, but at least acknowledges that Wendy has little chance to win as well as Texas remaining conservative for a long time.

    One thing that’s hardly noted in these articles is that conservatives in Texas tend to have kids at twice to three times the ratio of liberals moving to Texas, meaning it will be a long time before Texas turns blue (or, if it does, it will be because the blue candidate is more conservative).

    • Well, I hope you are correct. At the same time, just as there was a “silent majority” that elected Nixon, that “silent majority” is now on the left.

      Keep in mind that, while there is a very conservative constituency in Texas, there is also a large number of illegal immigrants, and the Hispanic community–while seemingly socially-conservative–votes to the left overwhelmingly.

      Wendy has a chance, because (a) she can get national support which means $$$ and (b) Rick Perry has a tendency to screw up at the darndest times.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not optimistic in the near-term.

  4. Also, forgot to add, I suspect Wendy will struggle to hold her position in the next election (and she may drop out completely if she suspects this). This bill hasn’t made her popular with her county, and again, when she says that she “speaks for Texas women” most women in Texas (over 60%) are insulted because they disagree with her!

    I also saw a Gallup poll that showed most Americans don’t support late term abortions, including American women, so it seems like this bill would be supported by many Americans.

    • The Gallup poll may be correct, but keep in mind that the media has a great power to spin and influence opinion. I’ve seen no small amount of that over the years.

      This is how an America that elected Reagan–in no small part because of his social conservatism and staunch opposition to Communism–elected a Leninist to two consecutive terms, in spite of his passage of a health care nationalization a light version of which Americans overwhelmingly rejected in the 1990s.

      My near-term pessimism has a rational basis.

      At the same time, I would be happy to be wrong on this one.

    • Yeah, I saw that and am not surprised. This could open the door to some other governor candidates that some of us Texans would prefer.

      Also, you’re right that the media may spin things, I just have trouble seeing Texas become red and with the new voter restrictions, it will be very difficult for illegals to vote.

  5. Here’s another article you might like related to this topic:

    “The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 53 percent of Hispanic Catholics say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. That’s a lower percentage than white evangelical Protestants and Mormons, but it’s higher than all other religious voting groups, including white Catholics, white mainline Protestants, black Protestants, and Jews.”

    I agree that the media can try to spin this, and outside of Texas it may work, but they will need some major help to convince Texans. The irony of this battle is that it could help push some Hispanic votes to the Republicans. The trouble Republicans have in Texas is that they don’t tend to respect Hispanics and if they improved their attitude toward Hispanic voters, they would own the entire state.

    • The political problem with Hispanics is the same as it is with blacks: in spite of otherwise conservative leanings on issues such as abortion and even homosexuality–blacks were among the biggest supporters of Proposition 8 in California–they overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

      Not sure how to change that. But that is the challenge for the GOP.

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