A Bleak Picture

I cannot answer as to whether this is the exception or the rule for black youth.

(I realize that anecdote is not statistic, but–having been to inner-city schools and one integrated school–I never saw a situation that was this bad. Then again, it’s been a while since I was in school.)

Still, if this is indicative of the situation, I’d say the black community is disintegrating even worse than I thought.

4 thoughts on “A Bleak Picture

  1. This “essay” is at least four years old.

    See the link below, as well as the links mentioned in the first paragraph of the blog post.


    Someone apparently reposted it on Craiglist a week ago and it’s gone viral since, based on my quick Google search. I’m not search if the Craigslist “post” is the initial source or not.

    Since the piece is at least four years old, has been quiet since, then apparently blew up a week ago, I have my doubts about its authenticity. Especially since the 2009 sources are mostly Aryan/white supremacist websites.

    • From my experience, I’d say that he is describing what seems to be the case in the worst sections of the inner city. That is the only place I have seen this culture among blacks.

      I went to school at four different “integrated” schools, one of them an integrated high school. While the black students generally underperformed academically, it’s not like they were dummies either. They communicated well, and–with few exceptions–they did their work just like the rest of us. The blacks on the sports teams were generally cool; I was never harassed for being white, and I can’t say that the whites on the teams were disrespectful of blacks on the team.

      For one semester, I took some side classes at a local college, which is a “historically black college”. About half the class was black; I was the oldest student in the room. The blacks in that class were good folks who generally did their work. The Nigerian gal who sat next to me was always competing with me for the high score. When she realized I already had an engineering degree, she occasionally sought my help for her calculus homework. She was a good student; she only sought my help when the problems were actually pretty tough.

      I was also a youth minister in a predominately black section of Louisville. There was only one part of town–and it was in the projects of the extreme west section of Louisville–where I saw the culture that Jackson writes about. With very few exceptions, none of the black kids were like that. Most were very friendly, spoke coherently, and were good to be around.

  2. OTOH, if this is the predominate culture today, then it calls into question everything we have done regarding the black community for the last 55 years.

    If these kids are acting this way, then the first end of the blame goes on their home life. At the same time, what enabled that type of home life such that this would become a predominate culture? (Assuming this is the predominate culture, because–as I said–I have my doubts.)

    Still, demographic patterns have consequences. And when the illegitimacy rate is 70%, the outcome is not a positive one.

    But has black culture gone down THIS far? I dunno. Color me skeptical.

  3. I remember this. It is at least the second time it has gone viral. Such short memories the internet cultivates. We treat everything like it is the first time we have ever seen it.

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