Prediction: Zimmerman Gets Convicted

If this was just about the evidence, it should be a no brainer: George Zimmerman should walk. This case should not even be in court. The prosecution has no case, the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Zimmerman, and the reasonable doubt in his favor is so wide I could land a Boeing 777 on it–at San Francisco International–without a flight instructor, and without crashing.

If the judge had any semblance of respect for the law, she would have already either (a) dismissed the case with prejudice, or (b) ordered a directed verdict of not guilty. There is no case, and–on the basis of evidence–this isn’t even close.

But George Zimmerman is going to go down. He will get convicted.

Why do I say this?

The verdict will not be a rational one. The prosecution–for all their incompetence and stupidity–played one card right: Trayvon Martin’s mom got on the stand and said that the screams were her son.

In front of a jury of all women, that sealed it. None of the facts matter.

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