Professor Hale Weighs in on Zimmerman Trial

He seems to have screwed up the same things I did.

1. I was certain that an all female jury would find Zimmerman guilty. I even mistook their 16+ hour deliberation as a sign that they were doing their best to find Zimmerman guilty of SOMETHING. But I was wrong and I am glad I was. An innocent man won’t go to jail (except for the time he already served that he will never get back or be compensated for).

I, too, was totally convinced that the all-woman jury would find him guilty. They were mostly middle-aged, many “baby boom” age. Other than an all-black jury, that was the second-most-likely combination to lay down a conviction. Most had children of their own. When Martin’s parents said the voice on the call was his, I figured they would go with that.

Their 16 hours of deliberation told me they TRIED VERY HARD to convict him of something. But they went with the law and the instructions, and they got it right.

2. The S did not HTF. Other than very limited instances of black on white violence which are normal events every day, there wasn’t huge rioting. If there was, the compliant news media is keeping a tight lid on it. I certainly didn’t see any acts of corporate violence. But then again, I was out in the Shenandoah valley all day Sunday.

There’s still time. If the DoJ doesn’t come back with an indictment, TS may yet HTF.

3. I thought that once the verdict was in that the malicious prosecution would end too. But the Obama administration has already announced a civil rights investigation. That law needs to be repealed. It is obviously only used to overturn local jury verdicts. There is no sense of the term “double jeopardy” that does not apply here. Notice that this law is never used to lock up a person of color who commits grievous violent crimes.

I absolutely figured that DoJ would go after Zimmerman in the event of an acquittal. But this time around, that is going to be difficult. This is not the Rodney King case. There are no incriminating videotapes. Getting a conviction on “civil rights” charges is no slam dunk. They may not even have enough of a case for an indictment.

4. Also I wish to point out that the verdict did not determine that Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin. It found that he was not guilty. A fine distinction but an important one.

I didn’t know that was one of their options. I was under the impression that their choices were either (a) Guilty of murder 2, (b) Guilty of manslaughter, or (c) not guilty.

There could yet be a civil suit, but–thanks to Florida law–there are marginal disincentives for pursuing this. Trayvon Martin’s track record–including his propensity to start fights–would be fair game. Also, Martin’s team would be on the hook for Zimmerman’s legal expenses if they lose.

But still, a federal civil rights trial is very probable.

5. What if…. When Martin pinned Zimmerman to the ground and bounced his head off the concrete, if Zimmerman had died of his trauma on the spot. Would Martin have ever come to trial for murder? Of course not. He would have fled the scene instantly before police arrived and no one would identify him. Just another unsolved murder in a state that has thousands of them. If the state failed to prove his guilt in a jury trial, would the Federal government get involved? Would the president make any statements at all about injustice? Of course not. Nor do we need to speculate on this. In the past year there were thousands of murders in this country where the presumed guilty guy got away with it. Our president has said nothing about any of them. Nor has he directed the DOJ to crack down on it.

I absolutely agree, and this is a freaking outrage.

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