Better Yet…

Talk show host Tom Joyner is offering Rachel Jeantel–the much-maligned prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman case–a chance to attend college tuition-free.

At face-value, that is a very kind and charitable gesture. But seriously, given that the market that is already saturated with college degrees–it may be an dead-end offer.

I would suggest that she take him up on the offer of tutoring to prepare for college; that will involve developing communication skills that will be conducive to success. Then she should go to a 2-year school and learn a trade.

That would cost Joyner less money, while better-preparing Jeantel for success in the work force.

I will bloviate more about her case later, but, to make a long story short, I felt bad for her.

She was not a credible witness; at the same time, how on earth did she get so far through the education system?

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