Hypocrisy, Islammunist style

Last month, the Pew Research Center surveyed nearly 40 countries worldwide on the question, “Should society accept homosexuality?”

Needless to say, the answer was “yes” in the US and Western Europe. Near the bottom of the list: Pakistan, at 2%.

But that’s not the end of the story. FAR from it.

The survey also looked at the frequency of Google searches for terms related to gay porn, starting in 2004 and continuing to the present.

Pakistan’s world ranking in search volume for the following terms was:

  • shemale sex — #1
  • teen a*** sex — #1
  • man f***ing man — #1
  • gay sex pics — #2

But wait, it gets better. The highest number of hits for some of these terms, including “shemale sex”, come from Peshawar—a bastion of conservative Islam and currently on the front lines of the GWOT.

HT:  New York Post, with more extensive coverage in Mother Jones (extreme left-wing rag)


3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, Islammunist style

  1. That doesn’t mean anything.
    1. It might have been all “research” by devout Islamists cataloging how decadent the West is.
    2. It might have been just a few very over-active perverts and in no way representative of the general population.
    3. It was spam. They weren’t looking for it. They were looking for “shemale six”, a popular music group but misspelled it.
    4. Some Chinese pervert hackers took control of their computers and were using them to hide their own perverted activities.
    5. It’s lies. All lies. It can’t be us. We don’t even have electricity and internet connections to run our computers.

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