Cops AND robbers

Well, well, what have we here… two cops, one a current Detroit cop, and the other a former Detroit cop who was serving in a suburb, stand accused of robbing two people at a gas station in the city.

Oh, I almost forgot… they were allegedly wearing their badges and drew their service pistols.

One more item to add to the decline and fall of a once-great American city.

5 thoughts on “Cops AND robbers

  1. So when will we see the arrest and prosecution of the current and former officeholders who’ve been robbing Detroit taxpayers blind for years? For that matter, the same should be done for many current and former federal officeholders.

  2. Back in the 60s, living about a hundred miles north of Detroit, it was the cool thing to do to go to Detroit. It was *special*. I remember being taken as a child to a Christmas display .. for over a few blocks of sidewalk each store window had a remarkable display in miniature of some Christmas-y kind of scene; each more fab than the one before, it was set up that way. It was worth a trip to the city to see. Even in the late 70s I found reason to go there at times, once to see the “Maritime Sailor’s Cathedral” mentioned in Dan Fogleberg’s ballad about the Edmund Fitzgerald, or perhaps there would be a visiting crusade by Oral Roberts or Billy Graham. (If it’s still standing, that church is/was a remarkable piece of Church architecture (nearly the whole east side of the structure stained glass, lit up as the sun comes up over the Detroit river).

    Now on those rare trips home, I detour around the city, not even willing to use the highway that passes through. Recently I saw an online article about a man who is a *substinence hunter* in the city. — He hunts squirrels and other small game and lives off the meat and the selling of it. In the city.

    fact check: Still there'_Church

  3. There was once a time when the natural expectation was that people in authority (Police) would stand their ground on behalf of civilization even when everything else was going to shit.

    Katrina was an eye opener for many people that in times of crisis, the police revert back to their base nature. Those who serve their community first will continue to do so. Those who serve their selves first will do that.

    • Yep. Sadly, the courts have said that police have no obligation to protect anyone. A lot of folks assume (wrongly) that, when things go to shinola, the cops will take the high road.

      As you pointed out from Katrina: not only will that NOT be the case, it is also more likely that they will be among the worst of the bad guys.

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