God’s Will?

“God’s Will” is certainly a hot topic. How do we discern what is God’s will? Did God will the bad things in our lives?

I just read a post stating that if times are difficult, God must know we need them to be for our benefit. I’ve heard it stated that difficult times are God’s way of sharpening us – you know, the iron- sharpening-iron-thing … the purifying-us-in-the-fire thing.

I’m not saying these might be the reason God allows some bad things to happen, but I cannot say that God willed my dad to abuse me to make me stronger, to purify me. I can’t say that about a LOT of things. And I won’t.

I will say that God, having given us the freedom to make our own choices in this world, allows us the freedom to make and carry out those choices, even when they affect and hurt innocent people, and they always hurt innocent people.

Can God, then, take those bad things and use them for our benefit? Absolutely. But I cannot believe that God wills a dad to abuse his daughter … a man to brutalize another human being … millions of Jews to be incinerated with months of terrible atrocities and violence … a child to be kidnapped and brutally abused and mutilated and murdered … and the list goes on. No one can convince me that these, and things like them, are God’s will to make us stronger.

There comes a place when the religious “words of comfort” are flat out wrong. The reality is … Satan and his demons rebelled against God. The reality is … Satan is the prince of this world. The reality is … we live in a fallen world. The reality is … Satan is a deceiver and comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and will use any means to deceive us to steal our joy, kill our spirit, and destroy our hearts. The reality is … Jesus has come to give us LIFE, and more abundant life at that. The reality is … we have a choice: we can choose God, or not. And the reality is … choosing God does not take the bad out of our lives … nor does it remove Satan from using everything he can to defile us.

However, I believe with every fiber of my being that God has drawn a line over which Satan can NOT cross. And I believe with every fiber of my being that Satan and his demons do not go over that line without God’s permission. I believe with every fiber of my being that, while God does allow freedom of choice, He protects us from the full assault of Satan and evil … because I do not believe we are capable of sustaining and surviving such an attack.

I believe with every fiber of my being that God is Good, Just, Sovereign. And I believe that our choices in this life directly affect where and how we spend eternity in the next life.

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