America’s Dumbest Criminals, Part 197,814

Time for the newest entry in our series of utterly stupid wrongdoers!

Setting: A cell phone store near Pueblo, Colorado.

A 60-something man with a felony record sees a younger man talking to the clerk. He apparently decides he’s got an easy score, so he identifies himself as a cop, and asks the man in front of the desk if he’s a drug dealer because he has so many phones. He then demands that the younger man give him the drugs. The younger man asks for his credentials, and the older man demands the drugs again.

That’s when the younger man ID’s himself as a real cop and arrests the older man for impersonating a cop.


4 thoughts on “America’s Dumbest Criminals, Part 197,814

  1. i know i typed in a comment last week, but it obviously got lost … and i’ve been trying to remember what i wrote, but i’ve been sick, and i swear my head’s gonna fall off, so my brain is out of commission. however, everytime i think of this i wish i’d had a front-row seat – too funnee!!!

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