I took my daughter back to the dentist today. When I checked her in I had to fill out a little form and sign. “This is so we know who’s bringing her in for her appointment,” the receptionist said to me.

I must have had a quizzical look on my face because she added, “You know, like if the Nanny brings her in … or an older sibling. We need to know who is bringing in the patient.”

I smiled, “Wow, this is a different world.”

She smiled.

I’m glad they are there. People with money demand and can afford to support such specialized services, so they exist. That is great for us.

And the dentist … wow, so patient with her. So kind. Truly cared. And with the TV’s on the ceiling above every chair continuously showing kids movies, it’s always noisy. It would drive me nuts. He had her chart pulled up on a computer right behind her head where he consulted her x-rays continuously while working in her mouth. Great technology, great service, amazing environment, and my daughter willingly let him work in her mouth (it was minor – adjusting her bite – but still huge for her).

He gained her trust. He even said, “Now that we’ve gained her trust, cleanings and other appointments will get easier.”

He gave her a mirror and showed her some things. He didn’t harp on what he knew she would not do – he understood her diagnoses.

These are the kinds of services socialism wants to get rid of. Boo.


2 thoughts on “Nanny?

  1. The nanny thing isn’t new. Asking about it is new. The difference is that nanny’s don’t have the legal authority to speak on behalf of the parents to authorize medical treatment on the child or to obligate insurance to pay for it. So, the treatment people need to know if the adult present is in fact a parent.

    There have always been nannies and older sisters and not just among the rich. But previously the assumption was that the adult caregiver could be trusted to not exceed her authority and would defer real medical decisions to the actual parent (by phone). Now hte medical offices have learned to not trust people.

    • you’re right – nanny’s aren’t new at all. but it is the first time i’ve been asked, and we’ve been to lots of specialists.

      before i married we lived in a county that was quite wealthy, per capita. the ‘norm’ in that area was to be a sahm or to want to be a sahm. if anyone else took the kids to the doc or other places, it was the grandma. same is true where we live now.

      i found it unique that ‘grandma’ wasn’t one of the choices for this area but nanny was. almost like a cultural thing. the area draws in people from all over due to the corporate base there, so families are usually not close to extended family. and the type of couples it brings in are those with high-end dual careers who think a nanny is normal … rather than daycare or mom or dad taking off work to take kids to the doctor. being that my daughter is 13, she obviously wasn’t in daycare, and it was during the school day. these parents probably have jobs where both travel and/or like surgeons where it would be more difficult to get off to take their kid to the doc. it would be easier to hire a nanny to take care of all kid-related things.

      just a different world – at least for me and most people i know.

      another interesting thing … where she was in surgery a week ago, the dentist’s wife came in with their 9 month old baby girl. we were talking about how fun this age is, and she made the comment, “People at work ask me if I miss working full time, but I don’t!” the way the conversation went, it was as though people were surprised she would want to be home with her baby at all rather than working her career.

      turns out she’s also a dentist and went to part-time after baby was born. what was interesting about this is that most people i’ve known would have asked the question from a totally different pov … ‘Do you wish you were able to stay home with her full-time?’ the former comes from the place of not wanting to sacrifice career … the latter from the place of wanting to be home with baby.

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